Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uproar Cybercrop

Wow, what a productive weekend!! Have suprised myself! Have scrapped almost every challenge at Uproars May Cybercrop (Have just got one ATC to do....) Got ALL my end of month bookwork done (after our best ever month since we started our business!! YAY ) Went to a 21st for a little while on Saturday night. Went for a ride on my Harley today to Marysville and it was just perfect for riding. Bit gut-wrenching seeing all the damage in Marysville and surrounds as it was my first visit back there since the fires. Shall post some photos tomorrow night. AND..... I come home to find out that I had won Wipeout at Uproar...OMG I was blown away!! Went prancing and dancing out to the loungeroom to Rob and Krystal "OMG, OMG, I won Wipeout and I don't know what to say!!!!" LOL, I was just a tad excited!! Anyway it just feels great to get so much done in one weekend...wish they were all that productive!! Thanks for stopping by...Paulyxxx

Lisas Challenge - paper pleating, lace and something metal.

Kylies recipe challenge.

ChrisW OTP flower challenge. Pot or basket of handmade flowers.

A close up of one of the flowers.

Sarahs Challenge - a card from a sketch (with texture)
Thanx Tiger Team, had fun with all these. Just gotta go do my ATC. Night all xxx

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute Blog Award....

Look what the lovely Lisa passed on to me, how cute!! Thanx Heaps Lisa!! I need to pass it on to 5 people, would like to pick everyone, but can only be five. (Copy and paste) -
Looby Loo
Chris W
Should have some LO's to share after the weekend, Uproar 2 Scrapmore is having a CyberCrop this weekend. Theme is Celebrating Mothers, should pop over for a look...challenges, games, auctions, lots of fun to be had!! Be ready to see you Mum!! Thanx for calling in Pauly xxx

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


YAY!!, They finally started putting our shed up today!! Woohoo!! Shouldn't be too long now and home will be home again and the Harleys can have their shed back!! Rob ordered his truck tyre changer today and I,m about to order the tyre racks. Ball is rolling.... On the scrapping side of things, I got a LO done last night, shock, horror! Very rarely get any done on a weeknight. This one was for Shells Blog Sketch Challenge. Sorry bout the flash on Krystals face, its so overcast and drab here, the photo without the flash was cacky! Best be off to cook tea. Bye For Now Pauly xx

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun continued!

My only LO this weekend for Debs Master Blaster Challenge



Krystal, Jess and Bec the crazy cousins!!!

Ha Ha Who had fun today??

Been busy this weekend!! Knocked off work at two on Thursday, straight in the car and drove to Melbourne to see Billy Elliot. Our first ever live Theatre production, it was AWESOME!! We started with drinks and nibblies in the Dame Edna Room at Her Royal Majestys Theatre (oh that sounds so flash!) and the show went for three hours. We stayed at the Ibis Motel. Friday we went to the Vic markets (huge!!). After about three or four aisles it all started to look the same and I was getting claustrophobic!! (country girl is me...) we then went out to Westfield shopping centre and found a scrap store somewhere else. We were glad to get home, completely exhausted from all the walking!! Then Saturday I lashed out and brought a new office desk, so spent most the day rearranging my office. Managed to squeeze in one LO Sat. night. Today we drove to Albury to meet up with family, went for lunch and shopped some more. Naughty me wanted photos of Mum with her girls and didn't get any!!! While we were shopping in Spotlight, the girls were down the party aisle with my camera.......Dags!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Taken today after the sun went down at 5.30. Kinda like how the flash lit up the tree in front of me and the rest is silouetted.
Sun going down today at 5pm

Taken today too at 4pm. Was capturing the weird orange coloured misty type cloud that was floating around.

This is our site for our new shed (next to the existing shed) that is meant to be up and ready by the 1st of June!! Not gonna happen I,m thinking. Ironic...I went up to the Shire last week and begged them for an extension to the end of June instead of the first of June as I didn,t think our shed would be ready in time for us to be out. Then following day found out that the shed is ready to go up...the holdup is waiting for the Shire permit to come through. OMG!!! Two posts in one day, nearly caught ya Mum!! SeeYa Pauly xx

LO's and fairy cards.

RSS May Negative Space Challenge. comment!!

RSS May Ebony/Ivory Challenge. Mmmm like this one!

A Card for Shells Blog Challenge

Card # 5 for May

Card # 6 for May
A couple of LO's I got done on the weekend for Ready Set Scrap. I got some gorgeous fairy stamps made by Inkadinkadoo, just had to have a play with them, they are sooo cute! The one for Shells I did for a card sketch challenge on her blog, there is some gorgeous ones over there, go check them out at Ooh ooh, I just posted my first link!! Gettin real clever now!! I had great intentions of getting some challenges done for the CC at RSS, but um...haven't done any! I would just love more hours in the day as I'm sure we all would. Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another ATC and a Layout

This ATC is for a swap at Debs for May. The theme was 'animals' (not birds). I finally used one of my Sizzlits that I 'had to have' and have never used! And the layout is for the May Word challenge at Ready, Set, Scrap. "Kisses"...but the twist was to use a photo with no kissing, love or affection. There is a CC on this weekend at RSS, plenty of cool challenges to do...I haven't as yet as I have spent today rearranging my back room, waiting on a desk from my boss before I can finish, but I made a good start on my new office...was getting a bit hard working on a students study desk, had to get a bigger desk. The plan is to make a U Shaped area with the computer one side and desk on the other, so I can spin from one side to the other. Haven't seen the desk yet, but thats my plan anyway! Thanx for stopping by Paulyxx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family & Friends ATC Swap

Just a quicky today to post my latest ATC creation for my family & friends Swap. The theme this month was butterflies (LOL, guess who picked that???) Lovin these ATC's! Gotta start on my Animal (not birds) ones now for the swap at Debs. Got a plan, but dunno if I can pull it off!! Hope you have all checked out Shazzas blog?? Lotsa games and fun and a lovely lady!! (and brilliant photographer!) Link is on my sidebar cos I'm not clever enough to do it here.... Thanx for stopping by Pauly xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now mothers day is over I can post these cards. I signed up for the card challenge at Uproar a few months back to try to push myself to make them and use some left overs. The first month I did my quota of five, failed miserably the next two months....Only one to go for May and I'm back in the swing!! I do enjoy making them, its just the whole time factor!! I sat and made these four in one go, didn't plan it but they all ended up with butterflies on them!!! Anyone would think I like them hey!! Best go cook tea....Thanks for dropping by.....Pauly xx

Monday, May 11, 2009

Krystal yesterday on my bike before we left on our ride

another sunset the other evening

My 2nd last LO for Wipeout

My final LO for Wipeout (Vic informs me I have my grandfathers name wrong!) I thought it was Robert Albert....Oops, shall fix that!

My entry for the Numbers Challenge at RSS, my first challenge done for RSS so far this month..
Hope yas all had a lovely Mothers Day! I finally jumped on the bike and went for a ride, couldn't remember the last time I did! OMG, there is no feeling like it!! So free.... We only rode as far as Benalla for lunch as I wasn't feeling too flash, but it was awesome! Then I had to have a nanny nap when we got back, as I was exhausted. LOL!! Ol nanny Harley!! Then we had planned to drive to Jamieson for tea as we are never happy with the places in town.....Tacks suggestion actually as he had cut some awesome grain-fed scotch fillet steaks for the pub up there. So we arrive there (half hour drive with wildlife!!) to find the power had just gone out 15 minutes before we got there!!! So they were cooking a VERY limited menu by candlelight... So we decided it was way too limited - no steaks. Drove back into town and went to The Mansfield!!
Its Robs birthday today...
We just finished pigging out on cream sponge that one of our ol Bingo Buddies dropped off on her way to Bingo (we ran the local Bingo for five years) what a nice suprise that was!! Rob answered the door in his PJ's!! Thanks Dawn, you are the best sponge maker in the district!! It was delicious as usual!!! Feeling big, fat and tired now and ready for bed!! Outa here for now..Thanx for dropping by...Pauly xx

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cody pics....

A photo of Buller as I was coming home from work yesterday. Beautiful blue skies with a near full moon out!! Bizarre!!
Cody on the tramp today
Cody on my Harley

Cody and Poppy (bit unsure of him still!)

At my work yesterday LOL

Putting his lollipop in the holder before he took the suck!!

Thoght I'd share a few pics, havent had the camera out much apart from taking photos of layouts, cards or ATC's! Top one is a scenery shot as I lave enjoyed looking at Sues and Shazzas!!

Enjoy your day...Paulyxx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks for the clock!! Love It!!!

Tack and his girlfriend Brooke at Tacks 21st Dinner last Sunday.

Big, huge THANKS to my cousin Tony (harry) for our clock we got in the mail yesterday, we LOVE it!!!! What a fantastic idea to have one personalised to make it your own..I emailed photos to Tony of a Harley emblem and our numberplates off our bikes and this is what he made us!! I now have visions of one with a gorgeous butterfly on it for my office (which is covered in butterflies!) Just gotta find a pic of a butterfly that catches my eye! Only $75 too!! For anyone thats hard to buy for or collects certain 'things', these clocks are an ideal prezzie. I seen some others he did with work logos and grog labels, they all looked great. If anyone is interested in purchasing, leave me a comment and I can arrange it.. LOL, just noticed its that shiny I can see myself taking the photo in it!!

Thanks to those of you that joined my 'family/friends ATC swap'. Got Jennys today, they are just gorgeous!!! Won't post them here until I get them all.......

Mum, if I not back on before Sunday, have a great Mothers Day...hope the girls spoil you!! Love ya heaps xx

Better get me butt to bed...god I love getting up at 5am....NOT!! Until next time...Pauly xx

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wipeout and ATC's

Ultimate Wipeout entry for challenge 5
Krystal taking self portraits AGAIN!!

Ultimate wipeout entry #2 for challenge 5
Uproars Arabesue ATC swap with theme set by Corinne this month

Well, it hasn't been an over productive week this week, I always plan heaps and then don't do it!
I only have two entries to go out of ten in the Ultimate Wipeout Game at Uproar, but have until the 15th to do it, so I should manage that. Have printed out the monthly challenges at Ready, Set, Scrap. Some great challenges that I can't wait to get into. Then see what I can do at Debs! I was pretty stoked to win a set of 'Easter ATC's over at Uproar in the April "Hop To It" cybercrop. Can't wait to receive them all!! As I said in the last post, I am hooked on the little ATC's and I am trying to organise a 'Family & Friends' monthly swap, so far I have seven but would ideally like nine participants,so I am looking for two more ATC fans, if any of my cyber friends would like to join in, leave me a comment and jump in! Thanxs for stopping by...until next post, cheerio!! Pauly xx