Monday, March 29, 2010

Layout # 32 and some pics.....

A sketch challenge for the CC at MAD. My one and only effort for the weekend!!. Have a couple more ideas but just gotta put them together through the week.

A few pics of the downpour that come through this evening at sunset, it belted down for about ten minutes, then cleared up!!

A parrot I captured yesty with my new lens taken from my back verandah.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

6 Layouts # 25 - # 31

For my frame project - 9 to go.......
For Kaths Sketch and Uproars "Spritz It" Challenges

Lexies Class at Scraphappy Kats

Another of Lex class...

And another of Lexies...these last two were from a double layout but I not keen on those in the album I am using as they sit too far apart, so I made two singles with them.

A collage I did last night....started out to do Scarp N Craft with T's challenge but it went all wrong, so I turned it into a collage!

This one, I started out scraplifting a pic I had saved from ages ago (pretty sure its Debs) but then drifted off to put my own touch on it.

Mmmm, didn't think I'd scrapped much in the last week, but I guess I have now I got them all together to take pics!! Got a few more challenges I'd like to do if I get the chance, but will see how I go. Got a few things on for the rest of the week. Wangaratta appointment tomorrow and Thursday we finally off to see Robs brother who had a serious bike accident the weekend before last. He is being transferred to a Melbourne hospital today, so we can do day trips to go see him now without worrying about accommodation and carting Robs aids. Start my new job next Monday, it has been nice having some time off work, but gotta get back to work as no income is not much fun!! Outa here, Rob wants to go for a walk, sun is shining, its a beautiful day......Pauly xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Congrats Cass & Krystal!!!

Swanpool Tennis Premiers!


What a full weekend!! Went to Seymour Friday night to Scraphappy Kats and done a class with Lexie.....can't show you that yet as I haven't had time to finish it! Home around 1am. Then up early Saturday morning and out to Maindample to see off all the riders on a ride we were going to go on as we always do the memorial rides for ol mates that have passed on. We'll be back into the riding as soon as Rob can cock his leg over his Harley!! Then onto Swanpool for Krystals semi-final in tennis (yay, they won!) On to Benalla to buy her some more runners for netball to find they had every size but hers!!!! Then home for little nanny nap and off to Cassies for her 40th Birthday Bash. Home at midnight. Up early this morning and off to Benalla for Tennis Grandfinals....CONGRATS TEAM ON YOUR WIN!!!! Home at 2pm, dropped Krystal down to work and back out to Cassies to pick up Robs chair, had a cuppa and some tucker. Got home at 5pm and we were exhausted!! Rob needed a little lie I had one too!! 3 hours nanny and poppy naps!! Don't think it will affect tonights sleep as still feel buggared. Would like to have squeezed in a puzzle challenge for MAD, but it was due in tonight. Hopefully get some scrappin done tomorrow. Got myself another job and start at the Post Office mail sorting on Tuesday 29th. YAY!! Cya Pauly

Monday, March 15, 2010

Layout #24 MAD Blind Scrap

Cute little kitten....

kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.........

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Layout #22 and #23, My first class......

Layout 1

Layout 2

These were the two layouts I did for my first class down at Scraphappys. Met three more lovely ladies that I hadn't met before.....It wasn't as nerve racking as I thought, they all did a great job!!
Haven't been near my scrap table today, have been doing housework, cleaning out my spare room, getting ready for my boy to move back home, weeding, washing, tidied up the mess from the tradesmen yesterday (I forgive them though as I had the best shower that I,ve had in the nine years that we,ve lived here!!!!! It was AWESOME to have water pressure!!!!!) Now updating my blog then I'll get the washing in, think about tea and then I might scrap! I've got a blind challenge to do for MAD. Thanks for stopping by Paulyxxxx

The little Kitten is sooo cute, my latest subject for photos.....they are getting a little gamer towards us.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two ATC"S and photos.....

"Pets" ATC for our Scraphappy swap.

One only "windows" theme for Born2Create. Winner wins the set.

Well....dailys posts on my blog...anyone would think I have nothing better to do...LOL!! Better get myself a job perhaps?? Played with my new stamp I got in the mail yesterday and made a set of ATC's for my Scraphappy swap and one for a challenge at Born2Create. Finally got a pretty bird visit today...he was such a willing poser too. I took a few pics and he waited while I went inside and got my bigger lens too. Now I want to buy a bigger lens even more than I did yesterday!!!! But we gettin a new hot water service put in on Friday so we have pressure, sooooo hangin for a decent shower where I dont have to run around the cubicle trying to get wet!!!! YAY, bring it on!! Enough rambling.....I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck, real heavy head, I'm thinking Rob has passed on his germs as he feeling better and me and Krystal feelin like crap! Night Paulyxx

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layout 21, bits and pieces......

Just a photo of maggies.....

A layout done by KRYSTAL for her boyfriends family.....little Tayla...what a cutie!!!

A layout I done this morning waiting for Rob to get up....had most of it cut out from last year, another UFO finally done!!!

A card for a card challenge at MAD, a card with a hole and a creature of flight.....

Two more Magnolia ATC's for Vickis challenge last month at Debs (I think I was the only one to enter) so I have a real good chance of winning a set made by Vicmbee!! LOL.

Been having a little play, mojo is slowly creeping back home.....need to do something so I don't go stir crazy!!! Poor Rob is bored outa his brain too!! He got his staples out today, he pretty happy that is over and done with, he said it was the worst of the whole precedure, second in line was getting the catheter (spelling unsure??) out. Had the physio yesterday, got a bit of a leg massage and list of exercises to do. All in all, hes doing well! Got a new stamp and set of twinkling H2O's today in the mail...itching for a play....after tea. Better go as the lamb roast is almost done.....need to make gravy...mmmmmm smells sooo good!! Cya Pauly xxx

Monday, March 8, 2010

Layouts #19 & #20 and some pics of course!!

Bug 1

Bug 2 with water dripping off his hand...

Erk!! One of the frogs on my backdoor in the storm!

Layout for the March sketch challenge at madaboutscrappin

Krystal at work ...just because!

Yay, got two layouts done last night! The gelati girl started out as Kaths sketch and it looked shocking! so I covered up the stamping with the pink torn paper and then the rest just happened just because. The other is a sketch challenge at Mad about scrappin. A few photos to share cos I love my new camera!!! Well, now that I've uploaded last nights efforts, I think I might go and scrap!!!! Cos I can LOL. A girl can only do so much housework hey!! Chow for now Paulyxx

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LO # 18 and ATC and 2 pics

Rob on the road to recovery...long road but he's doin well!! Mother puss for company....

Two little suprise kittens appeared a couple of days ago...first time we've seen them since she had them...bit cute hey! We now have three cats we don't own!!

My 40th Birthday ATC for family/friends swap for March

A layout that we didn't get time to do at the retreat in Emmas class. Thanks Em!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Asian ATC and a few photos....

Took this one the same night as the full one I took (below) in the morning. It lost a fair chunk of it over the period of the day......

Took this one and one with the external flash we just got, it was WAY Overexposed and looked awful. I like the one with no flash heaps better....

Born 2 Create Asian Delights ATC's

Have been playing around with my camera again....pretty happy with my moon photos considering I havent got a super-dooper lens ( I do want one, but better wait a bit I think). Have done a few bits and pieces this week, but can't show ya yet......Have done two lo's for my class at Kathies next week, a little gift for somebody and a set of ATC's for our Family n Friends '40th Birthday' swap. Haven't got a photo yet, get one tomorrow.
Rob is coming along nicely with his hip, our biggest problem is boredom!!! Its only been 3 days home and he's over it!!!! His big adventure for the day is a walk out to the mailbox and around the yard and to take a shower is a big job!! I think he is gonna go on phone duties next week if his throat is better just to keep a bit of sanity, he has physio on Monday and Doctors Tuesday to get the staples out.....(he not looking forward to that!!) I haven't got bored least I can jump up and sweep or dust or cook or clean or scrap or do accounts or... etc etc etc. Its been about 11 years since I have had to cook three meals a day, way out of touch!!! Well enough rambling for one post...have a great weekend everybody....catch ya round......Pauly xx