Sunday, March 21, 2010

Congrats Cass & Krystal!!!

Swanpool Tennis Premiers!


What a full weekend!! Went to Seymour Friday night to Scraphappy Kats and done a class with Lexie.....can't show you that yet as I haven't had time to finish it! Home around 1am. Then up early Saturday morning and out to Maindample to see off all the riders on a ride we were going to go on as we always do the memorial rides for ol mates that have passed on. We'll be back into the riding as soon as Rob can cock his leg over his Harley!! Then onto Swanpool for Krystals semi-final in tennis (yay, they won!) On to Benalla to buy her some more runners for netball to find they had every size but hers!!!! Then home for little nanny nap and off to Cassies for her 40th Birthday Bash. Home at midnight. Up early this morning and off to Benalla for Tennis Grandfinals....CONGRATS TEAM ON YOUR WIN!!!! Home at 2pm, dropped Krystal down to work and back out to Cassies to pick up Robs chair, had a cuppa and some tucker. Got home at 5pm and we were exhausted!! Rob needed a little lie I had one too!! 3 hours nanny and poppy naps!! Don't think it will affect tonights sleep as still feel buggared. Would like to have squeezed in a puzzle challenge for MAD, but it was due in tonight. Hopefully get some scrappin done tomorrow. Got myself another job and start at the Post Office mail sorting on Tuesday 29th. YAY!! Cya Pauly

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