Saturday, February 28, 2009


Cody SnoozinHey Bro!!

Sshhh...don't tell Mum......

Geez, lucky I haven't gotta get up at five!! SLEEP IN...Thank God for that!! Been busy putting RSS blinkies on here, prettied up my blog here and made my header fit properly, had a bit of a chat in Ready, Set Scrap, they are funny bunch of I'll chuck on a few cute photos I pinched off Shaz of my grandies...and GO TO BED. End of month tommorrow and I have got tons of bookwork to do!! Hopefully get to scrap a few pages tomorrow night...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello!! Just scrapped a header to put on my blog and it looks dopey cos its too big!! Mmm, don't know how to make it smaller... guess I'll keep fiddling. Don't like the pink down the sides either...Lol, not having much luck here. Hoping to get a few challenges done this weekend, but its end of month so not liking my chances much. Sorry, this is all I have time for while I was waiting for Krystal to get out of the shower, must go now...hopefully have something to show you next post (and fix my header!!) Bye for now Pauly xx

Monday, February 23, 2009

And a few more.

RSS Feb Word Challenge
RSS Feb Sketch Challenge

RSS Feb Negative Space Challenge

One I did for Wipeout at Uproar. Photos of my boy are very rare these days!!

And a few more..... wow time flies when ya having fun. I still wanna add Ready, Set Scrap and Debs Creations to my blog, but have just noticed the time. Must be off to bed. 5am is nearly here again!! Nite xxx

Some challenges for Feb.

Feb Sketch Challenge at Uproar
'Poppets' Debs Master Blaster Challenge for Feb
What a crack up!! Took me out of my comfort zone!!
These forums are great for giving you a push!

Skyes Feb Challenge at Debs

Kirstens Feb Challenge at Debs

Debs Sketch challenge for Feb

Just thought I'd add a few more layouts that I have done recently for challenges....Oh, and the countdown is on!! Three weeks today until we go to Perth for our holiday!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uproars Cybercrop Layouts

Vickis Blind Challenge
Lisas Blind Challenge

Amandas Blind Challenge

Kylies Blind Challenge
While I was on a roll, I thought I would add the challenges I did for Uproars Cybercrop this weekend. They were all 'blind' challenges this month, where you get your requirements list before the cybercrop begins, and then the instructions are put up when the cybercrop begins. Good fun, I must confess Vicki has turned me into a forum junkie!! But hey, its fun!! Thanx Vicki!! Anyway, enough for tonight....better sleep. Next thing is to learn how to make my site all pretty like everyone elses and add blinkie things.... Bye for now.

Sunday 22nd Feb.

Feb 19th, 09
Feb 15th, 09

Feb 14th, 09

Feb 8th, 09

Feb 7th, 09

We went shopping and Rob got his cream donut! Oh and I got a bit of scrapping stuff, oops, bit naughty...supposed to be saving for Perth. Three weeks tomorrow we leave, starting to get a little bit excited!!!!!! I am about to try upload a few photos, wish me luck....
That was easy...these are a few photos taken on the day the fires started and then from then, all taken from my back verandah. The one from Friday night just gone was a brilliant orange that put a orange glow on everything I tried to take a photo of...very eerie!!

Well, I have only just found this blog again. Will have to try and add a few layouts tonight. We are off to Shepparton shopping as Rob NEEDS a cream donut. He has been working his butt off lately, so we better do it.
Catch ya later xxx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Made It!!!

Well I feel like I'm the only person I know without a blog!! I am now on my way to fixing that....Have no idea what I'm doing, so this could be a slow process!! But I,ve started....