Monday, March 21, 2011

Holiday is over...she's back..........

Layout I did with a photo I stole off Stephanie from Facebook (with permission). I have always been going to try a layout with corragated card as the base. LOVED this photo of Stephs dog 'Blanch', so I scrapped it before I went to Tassie. Its nots really what I'd pictured in my mind but its okay!!

Music ATC

'School' ATC
 Well hello everyone!! Been a while hey!! Had a fantastic holiday riding our Harleys around Tasmania for 9 days. Were absolutely blessed with the weather, only had the tiniest bit of rain on the whole trip. We brought storm gear before we left and didn't even need to use it!! They have some beautiful scenery down there and some great riding. We have hundreds of photos, which I'll get around to sharing my favourite ones soon. It hasn't been much fun since we got back unfortunately, took two full on days in the office catching up and then a household full of sickies most of last week. But hopefully we wil be back on track this week....(heres hoping anyway). Heres a few non holiday photos to share too....Thanks for stopping by...catch ya  Pauly xx

Playing with macro on a caterpillar Krystal nearly stood on near the front verandah

Chloe - Tacks dog.