Sunday, January 31, 2010

Macro Shots!!


feather **see the little ant heading towards it......**

**this is him!!!**

another feather......

ants munching on an orange peel.........

Two posts in the one, I must have more time on my hands!!!! Well we went out to the lake to capture a sunset and the clouds took over and wouldn't let it happen...nearly got blown away, wow, the wind was strong! So I'm posting a few macro shots instead........macro would have to be my favourite setting!! Love the detail on photos that you normally wouldnt even take notice of. I certainly have never got down that close to an ant to see what he looks like!!! Did I tell you I love my new camera!!! hehehe. Chow for now.....Pauly xx

LOVE My New Camera!!!!!!!


Tack and that ya can see the splashes as I was a fair distance away!


Lucas, grotty as buggary!! Been out helpin his Dad at our workshop!!

Cody gettin deeper!!

Rob n Cody havin a water fight


Tacks puppy Chloe

A view

Another view down the creek

Went out to the river today so I could play with my new camera. Had a lovely arvo relaxing by the creek and the kids and Rob had fun in the water. Off to the lake now to capture a wicked sunset (I hope!!!) Back later....Pauly xx

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Layout # 5 and two ATC's

Born 2 Create 'one off' Feb valentines ATC which will be posted to the winner of the challenge.

Born 2 Creates February House Shaped ATC.

Sketch Challenge for Born 2 Create. Credits for sketch go to Pencillines created by Invilde Bolme. Nice sketch, may use it again one day,.

Woohoo!!! I have finally finished my last Fulltime shift at work. I am from now a permanent part-timer. Playing Barrista from 6am - 10am weekdays Mon - Fri. Then home to do accounts for our own business. The plan is to have a bit of me time back at night and weekends.
Kathy from ScrapHappy Kat has asked me to be on her Design Team this year, how exciting is that!! Along with Lexie King and Trudi Harrison, Hayley and Kate.....looking forward to that. Had I of still been fulltime, I don't think I could of committed even though I should only need to teach a class once every two months. But I am wrapped I could say Yes!!
Thinking I might get some family together tomorrow and go out for a picnic with my new camera, gotta play around with my new toy and always need photos to play with!!!
Have a great weekend everybody and catch ya soon Love Pauly xx

Monday, January 25, 2010

Girls night in.........

Got these two cards done over the weekend for challenges at Debs girls night in...had a bit of a chat and giggle Friday night. Couldn't stay too long as I had a ton of bookwork to do. Saturday morning I had the grandsons for a few hours so we walked down to the Bush Market and I got burnt like a lobster, first time Ive worn a dress this summer, my poor skin didn't know what hit it!! After that I needed a nanny nap!!!!!!! Then Saturday evening, we went out to the lake..Krystal kayaked and me and Rob took photos. Yesterday Rob and I went to Wang to buy our lowline TV unit that we couldn't get a couple of weeks ago, stock up on drinks for the workshop and cat food. We come home with all of the above but also brought a new bedroom suite which will be delivered some time next week!!! Got everything we wanted now so gotta stop spending as this is my last week of fulltime work!!!! Have a lovely day off tomorrow all you lucky people...I'll be thinking of you while I'm at work. Cya later Paulyxx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A few shots with my new camera....

Sun setting

A macro shot (of a dying weed!!)

My girl on the water

Getting ready

Amber (I think??)

Two of Cass n Pauls Dogs - Buddy and Amber


Krystal kayaking

Krystal getting ready to kayak

My first play with my new heaps to learn but it will be fun practising!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Layout # 4 and some pics.....

Night at Frankston Sea Festival

Sand sculptures...Amazing!! Took HEAPS of photos!!

Poor little Cody not impressed with parrot on the head!!!

My girls...for Kaths Challenge Pack for Januay

Dolls ATC for SCNC

Well, its been a while........Not much on the scrapping front but. Done 2 ATC's (but can only show you one cos I forgot to take a photo before I sent it) and a layout for Kaths January challenge. We went down to Frankston for the weekend just gone, stayed at a motel and did lots of shopping and went to the Frankston Sea Festival. I brought a few butterflies to hang on my house, a few dresses, a top and a OLYMPUS DIGITAL SLR camera!!!! YAY, been 'gunna' for a LONG time, but always didn't cos I didn't know what to look for in a SLR. So with a nice little win and some encouragement from my mother-inlaw (who has the same camera) I finally did it!!!! I havent had time yet to have a play, but will hopefully on the weekend. We seen the sand sculptures at the sea festival, they are amazing!!!! If you ever get the chance to see them, do it!!
Well better be off to do the bookwork I am supposed to be doin!! A week and half to go of my fulltime job and I'll be down to part-time and hopefully I may have a bit of spare time and energy to produce some more scrappin!! YAY!!! (Yes mum, I threw in my job on New Years Day.....but then decided I better not throw all my wages away and decided to stay on part-time....gonna do 6am to 10am Monday to Friday, then I have the other five hours + to concentrate on our business and might get my nights back.....its been two years this month, can't handle it anymore) Okies, cheers now Pauly xx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

LO's #2 & 3 of 2010

SCNC Number Challenge

SCNC Colour Challenge.

Heres a good way of seeing how many LO's I do for the year!! Never counted before.... Got two done last night for challenges at Scrap, Chat N challenges, shock, horror!! Had a pretty quiet Saturday....stayed inside in the air con for most of it. Today Rob and I went to Shepparton to buy a lowline TV cabinet but came home without one as the two I liked were out of stock!! Will try down here tomorrow. We both came home with an Apple IPhone but! Didn't cost us anything today, just signed a two year contract with Telsta. We have never gone with anyone else anyway and don't intend on doing so . They also gave us $150 store vouchers which we used on a cover and hands free cradle for the ute. Bargain!! Okies, off to work on a quote challenge or maybe some ATC's?? Thanks for stopping by....Love Pauly xx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My first LO for 2010

My recycable challenge I put up at SCNC

ATC for Chris's (Born 2 Create) Xmas ATC challenge. Vicki was the winner, so everyone that entered sends them to Vicki...CONGRATS TO YOU VIC!!!!

"Black & White" ATC for Family & Friends ATC Swap for January.
LOts of news but too tired to type!! Shall call back on weekend!! Bring it on!!
Pauly xx