Sunday, January 31, 2010

Macro Shots!!


feather **see the little ant heading towards it......**

**this is him!!!**

another feather......

ants munching on an orange peel.........

Two posts in the one, I must have more time on my hands!!!! Well we went out to the lake to capture a sunset and the clouds took over and wouldn't let it happen...nearly got blown away, wow, the wind was strong! So I'm posting a few macro shots instead........macro would have to be my favourite setting!! Love the detail on photos that you normally wouldnt even take notice of. I certainly have never got down that close to an ant to see what he looks like!!! Did I tell you I love my new camera!!! hehehe. Chow for now.....Pauly xx

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  1. Hey Pauly!! Love the photos, they look fantastic....will we be seeing you + 1 on Friday night??? Looking forward to catching up with everybody!!