Monday, April 27, 2009

Me and Vic at Currumbin LONG time ago!!

Non square/rectangle card with window (fully transparent)

And another one (with little window)

Another one day I.......LO

These are all for the Ultimate Wipeout challenge at Uproar. I am slowly getting four to go !! Nice news today....won a gift voucher for wipeout from Uproar and won Debs card challenge for last weeks Cybercrop at Debs. How exciting!! Last week I received my first set of ATC cards, oh another addiction!! Just adore those minature pieces of art and can't wait to fill a folder!! So much so, I am trying to organise a family & friends ATC Swap. LOL, even got my mum to sign up!! Must take a photo and upload them to show post! Until next time....Pauly xx

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uproars Cybercrop Hop To It

Debs challenge was to tidy up or change something in your scrap space. I took the 'before' photo with plans to change my room around. But umm, didn,t happen!!

ATC challenge. Make one and the winner gets them all. Would love to win the set cos they are all sooo cute!! Some lucky person will get them all.....fingers crossed XXXXX

Kylies challenge was to make something to hold/carry chocoloate or eggs.
This was all I got done for the CC this weekend, but I got 5 entries done for the ultimate Wipeout Challenge. Might upload those tomorrow night. Getting late, and I gotta go finish Vics embellie swap at Debs. Forgot about them and they are due end of April, woops!! They will be in the post tomorrow Vic!! Thanx for stopping by.....Pauly xx

Wow, its hard to believe we have our second child turning 21!! Posted a few pics of Tack being a dag on our holiday to Perth. He was good value to have around, he is such a clown. We are going out to the the Mansfield for tea, hope he hasn't had too much to drink today!! He had a big night out Friday and Saturday!!! Been a freezing cold weekend here and I got a bit of scrapping done, might load some later tonight after we go out for tea. See how late we are... Catch ya later Pauly xxx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Debs Cybercrop challenges!!

Debs Challenge Card #1
Debs Challenge Card #2

Debs Challenge Card#3

Vics Blind Challenge

Gayatris Kaiser Challenge
Chris's mini album or keyring challenge

Angies Sketch Challenge

Amandas Colour Challenge

Lisa's Challenge

Been a little bit busy doing challenges for Debs Cybercrop on the weekend just gone!!! Hosted by the lovely Lisa and prizes donated by those who set challenges, very generous!! This would be the most I have ever completed for a cybercrop, dunno what come over me!! Have got one to go, got me a bit stuck, but I've got until Sunday to think about it. Must now concentrate on getting into the Ultimate Wipeout challenges at Uproar . Couple more to do for RSS too. Scrapping is my ultimate release when I don't wanna think about work!! Hanging for another ATC swap too, love those little things!! Huge post for one night, better get some shut-eye. Thanx for calling by...Pauly xxx

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick hello that is now not so quick!!

Uproar Mini RAK challenge

Debs (Renaes April Challenge)

Debs Master Blaster Challenge - Round 3
Just a quick hello to share some scrappin I've done this week. Top one is a mini RAK challenge at Uproar to Scrapmore. All participants receive a little package (all the same item) to make a card with. You have to use everything in the kit and can add anything you like. They all go up for voting and the winner hosts the next round. This month was hosted by Shazza. Its real interesting to see all the different outcomes from the same items.
The second pic is a LO for Renaes challenge at Debs. One third of LO was to be stamping, three pp's and no flowers (ouch). The last pic is for Debs Master Blaster challenge, round three. It was to create a 6 x 12 banner for Debs new shop, using her site colours (pink, black, orange and white). The winner has their banner displayed in her new shop and a $20 pack as well as being the third round (of six) in Master Blaster. Quite like how this one turned out. So love the Batik flower!!
The Ultimate Wipeout started today at Uproar, we have five challenges to do (twice). We have until May 15th to get these done. Done my first one tonight but need daylight as usual. I have been in forums and doing challenges since the end of last year, reckon I would be a little lost without them now!! Wouldn't know what to do without someone telling me!! LOL, what an addict. On a non-scrapping tune, my boy turns 21 next Sunday!! OMG time flies!! The 14 yo daughter would like to think shes 18, but I got a little time left.... Our new shed for our business has been started I believe, and still aiming to have it finished by 1st June. So we could be out before our shire visit!! Hubby ordered a new toy today (OMG, his toys are getting more expensive each time) we are getting a new truck tyre changer, he's pretty excited!! I might even learn to use it myself!!! Funny aren't I!!! It will certainly save his back and keep him going a bit longer!! Anyway, way too long for a quick hello. Thanks for stopping by.....Pauly xx

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rss April Word challenge (Nature)

RSS April Quote Challenge

RSS April Theme challenge (paint)
These are the three LO's I got done on the weekend for Ready, Set, Scrap. Mighty effort!! 3 in one night!! Went to an Adam Brand concert on Friday night in Bonnie Doon, with McAllister Kemp and the Sunny Cowgirls as well. Lots of cowboys/girls and grog! Good concert, but I have learnt for next time...don't stand in front of the speakers!!! My ears were still ringing half way through Saturday!! Wandered the Bush Market on Saturday, brought some soap which I stock up on at every bush market (four a year), some fudge and socks for Rob. OMG, the town was packed to the brim!!! Took me 20 minutes to get from home to work, which normally takes me three minutes!! I could not believe the amount of people here, haven't seen the town that packed for years!!! Great for the town.... Anyway, enough rambling, gotta get some sleep. Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx

My first ATC swap. Don't look if ya don't wanna see!!

My first ATC swap at Uproar. I was so nervous...once I started I had a ball!! Look out...another addiction!! I can't wait to get everyones in the swap and start a ATC folder!! TFL

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a quick upload of the last layout I did for the RSS cybercrop last weekend..This was for Nats 'Sew Good' challenge. Had to raid the sewing cupboard and find at least three items, two photos, paper tearing,inking and brads. I found and used a zipper, pins, tape measure, embroidery thread and an old cross-stitch!! I went to upload this LO the other night on my laptop, and woke up at 3am in my chair with lappy just about to fall off my lap!!! LOL, very annoyed as I get up for work at 5am, so I only got two hours in my bed!! Was very, very hard to get up too!
Have a great Easter everyone!! Mum, REST UP!! Pauly xxx

Monday, April 6, 2009

Underwater shot of sharks, stingray, and starfish.
This looks like a land mine!

Tacks underwater camera in the touchpool.

Octopus on the glass

Finding Nemo!!!

Wicked photo!! Jellyfish.

The top three photos Tack (my boy) took with his underwater camera. I reckon they are wicked! These are all from the aquarium. The touch pool was the biggest highlight of the day. All Tack wanted to do was touch a shark, took him a while to get hold of it. I touched the stingray expecting it to be smooth as silk and it felt GROSSE like sandpaper!! The pool made ya hands smell real bad!! It was pretty amusing watching peoples reactions when they touched stuff and one little boy was drinking the water. OMG Yuk!!! Thanx for calling by, until next time Pauly xx

A challenge at the RSS Cybercrop on the weekend was to scrap a favourite toy, use the colours of the toy for inspiration and use stamping. LOL, I couldn,t resist...I had to scrap my favourite toy!!! Did another one tonight for Nats 'Sew Good' challenge but will have to take photo tomorrow in the daylight. Will now post a few of our holiday pics, I chose the aquarium to start with......

Sunday, April 5, 2009

RSS April Colour Challenge

RSS CC Challenge 'Music Mojo" set by Tracey

RSS CC 'Kamera Kiosk' Challenge set by AM.
Didn't get half as much done as I would of liked this weekend, not feeling too flash! Was going to Melbourne Saturday to meet some more RSS girls. Woke up with a thumping headache and feeling like dirt. So I pulled out of that. Knocked back a Harley ride this morning, but did 4.5 hours of bookwork instead. Managed 3 LO's over the weekend and did one tonight but will upload tomorrow when there is daylight. Got tickets to see Adam Brand this Friday night at Bonnie Doon Hotel, should be good! Also got tickets through the week to go see Billy Elliot, now thats exciting as I've never seen a live theatre production in my lifetime!! Accommodation in Melbourne is also paid for if you live over two hours away, I think we should qualify for that too!!
Its not on until May, but looking forward to that!! Cheerio until next time....Pauly xx