Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uproars Cybercrop Hop To It

Debs challenge was to tidy up or change something in your scrap space. I took the 'before' photo with plans to change my room around. But umm, didn,t happen!!

ATC challenge. Make one and the winner gets them all. Would love to win the set cos they are all sooo cute!! Some lucky person will get them all.....fingers crossed XXXXX

Kylies challenge was to make something to hold/carry chocoloate or eggs.
This was all I got done for the CC this weekend, but I got 5 entries done for the ultimate Wipeout Challenge. Might upload those tomorrow night. Getting late, and I gotta go finish Vics embellie swap at Debs. Forgot about them and they are due end of April, woops!! They will be in the post tomorrow Vic!! Thanx for stopping by.....Pauly xx


  1. Hi Pauly, just doing my weekly peek into your life, having Tack turn 21 makes me feel a wee bit old, wish him happy b/day from his great aunt. ps how long and skinny are his legs takes after Storky me thinks LOL

  2. I wouldn't change that room either,looks perfect..i'm moving in....

  3. Hi Pauly, I cleaned my office /scraproom / sewing room the other day and it doesn't look as good as yours, I'm trying to cram too much junk into one 12'x12' room, I need you girls to come and chuck out all the unnecessary stuff that I can't chuck out 'cause it may be useful one day. was wondering how Ank feels today, reckon he would have had a big weekend "celebrating"