Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Lexie, Pauly, Kathy, Shell and Cass.

Layout one from Friday night

Layout two from Friday night
Xmas cards from Kathies kit.

One off 'Wings' ATC for Vicki. Lots of wings, hope you like.

Cass and I went off to Seymour Friday night to Kathies for a class with Shell. Finally got to meet Shell and Lexie. Met a few other girls too that we hadn't met at Kathies before. Had a great nights, lots of laughs, not much scrappin! We stayed at a motel, then back to Kathies for brekkie with Shell and Lexie on Saturday morning. Great to meet new people, they were all lovely.
Saturday night I made 10 Xmas cards with a kit from Kathie, with lots of leftovers to make plenty more!! Sunday I had hoped to ride and scrap after I had done some bookwork and got my Tax ready to take to the accountant......totally lost the day to bookwork! Rob went out to the shed late in the arvo to make sure his Harley started as we haven't ridden for quite a while ...so I followed him and thought I should check mine too. They started okay, but then I had a bigger urge to ride!! So on I jumped in my pink flanny pj's and slappers.....down the drive, turned out at the road and come back, so lucky Rob didn't think to grab the camera...pretty funny sight!!
Can't believe the end of the month is nearly here as I hardly got any challenges done this month. Maybe next month I may get more done??? Better get some tea on, so I outa here. Thanx for stopping by Pauly xx

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shells sketch challenge - July

Just a quick post...done this layout last night for Shells blog sketch challenge for July. Get to meet Shell tomorrow night, woohoo!!

Pauly xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WICKED PHOTO & a layout

Wicked Sunset !!! 6.25pm 20th July
Half an hour later.......

Layout for Kathies Sketch challenge for July.

Was sitting at my pc doing accounts the other night and looked out the back window and seen this amazing sunset! The sky just rippled with colour. Had to stop what I was doing and grab the camera. I have learnt not to wait a minute cos I've done that before and missed it!! Gotta be quick. The layout is for Scraphappys (Kathies) sketch layout for July. Off to Kathies this Friday night to do a class with Shell Barnard....very excited, I think Cass and I are having a sleepover..... Thanx for stopping by Pauly xx

Monday, July 20, 2009

Some scrappin to share...

For Scraphappy Kats monthly challenge pack..

RSS CC - Rachels challenge. Card with strawberry colours, flower, rubons and distressing.

RSS CC - Lexies Challenge. Orange, white, yellow and touch of red with use of sewing and tearing.

RSS CC - Janines challenge. 12 x 12 LO with blues, touch of pink and yellow. Torn edge and 2 word title.

RSS CC - Curveball challenge. A quick challenge set Friday night to be uploaded by midday Saturday. To scrap a recipe card of a favourite party food with use of paint, rubons and pic of cooked product. PS. If you can read the recipe...try them...very yummy!

Got a few challenges done over the weekend. Four for the cybercrop at RSS, have got until Wednesday to do more.(Only got four done cos some were cards! - I'm much quicker at them!) See if I can organise myself ?? The other is for my first go at one of Kathies monthly challenge packs at Scraphappy Kats. Roast Pork is calling...needs some vegies to go with it! YUMMO. Thanks for stopping by.....Pauly xxx

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Card, LO's and clean scrap room!!!!

OMG OMG, cleaned up my scraproom last night!!!!
Card for Uproars mini rak challenge for July.

One more bug!

Touch up!
Had to add a few more bugs and writing to these layouts I showed you on my post the other day (see below) LOL, play 'spot the difference'!. The card is for Uproars mini rak challenge for July. Sarah (Loobyloo) was the host this month. Love seeing all the different results from everyone using the same stuff. OMG, look at my scraproom!!! Decided to clean it up last night, don't see it like that very often!! All my ATC's are done for the month which leaves me this weekend free for some challenges, woohoo. (Better not be crook like last weekend Grr, what a waste of good free time!!) Thanks for stopping by Paulyxxx

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lisas Blog Candy!!

Go here and check out Lisas awesome Blog Candy !! One very generous, talented lady!!!http://ourlittlesliceofparadise.blogspot.com/2009/07/if-you-are-addicted-and-love-blog-candy.html.

More ATC's and Layouts

Cody - Page one of double layout
Page two of double layout (needs more bugs I think)

Krystals new hairdo

'Me' ATC
Winter ATC

Music ATC

The three layouts are from a class at Scraphappy Kats (Kathies). I started them over there and finished them off over the weekend. We left earlier than normal, I was feeling a bit off and mega-tired. Drove home with pains in the stomach. Saturday I was crook as....so I guess it started Friday night. Love these old photos of Cody and thought they suited the layouts to a tee..the second page of the double really needs 'something else' I will cut out some more bugs and think of 'something else'.
The ATC's I have been working on over the last couple of weeks. The music one is for the Challenge Chicks swap. The winter one is for a small friends swap. The 'me' one is for a swap at Uproar2Scrapmore. Thanks for stopping by.....Paulyxx

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another DEB Collage!

This is another collage I did from Deb's online class. My third collage now and I'm lovin em!! I have tackled one of my own and am working on another at the moment (actually been sitting on my table for a week, I want more scrappin time!!) They are not something you can whip up quick!! Off to Kathies tomorrow night to play with butterflies, woohoo! Just a quick post as I am supposed to be doing invoices. Oops, can't help myself!! Thanx for stopping by...Pauly xx

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cybercrop Layouts

Love this photo of Lucas. This was for Vickis Blind challenge.

This one for Stars challenge with no 'brought' patterned paper, so I used paint, ink and doodled!

My challenge was a collage. This is my first own attempt. I did an online class with Deb. Used a bit of leftovers from the class collage and a bit of leftover lime rickey as well.

This one was for Angies sketch challenge. Loved her sketch but dont like my layout. LOL, can't win em all!

Got four layouts done this weekend. One Friday night, one Sat. night, one yesterday and one last night. Spread it out over the weekend amongst stocktaking and end of month stuff. Tack (my boy) got his blower taken out of his ute and his restrictions off his licence last Wednesday. He can finally drive his brand new ute!! I am buying his black ute from him and he took the courtesy car, so now my VT is the courtesy car and I got the ute!! I love it!! Hope he has learnt his lesson and will never drink and drive again!! I really believe he has, he has grown up so much and realizes life isn't just one big party! Has a lovely girlfriend, hope it works out for him this time!! Better get some tea happening. Oh and Kathie, we will definately be there Friday night....no way am I missing out on the butterflies!! See you then. Bye for now Pauly xx

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hey check out Debs new Challenge Chics site! Cybercrop on this weekend, come and join the fun....link on my sidebar.

Woodland/Forest Critters ATC

I Wish ATC

The brekkie is for you Sue!! You mentioned a while back that I would have lotsa stuff at work that I could take photos of...I remembered!! This is our 'Works Breakfast' at Ski Inn Cafe where I work. We have had lots of brekkies while touring around on our bikes, I reckon ours is the best!! (not biased at all, we are often told that by customers too!!)
A couple of ATC's, one is a sample for our family & friends swap (haven't finished them yet) with the theme 'Woodland/Forest Critters', so I chose a little squirrel. The other is a 'one off' with the theme 'I wish' for a swap at Uproar2Scrapmore. Next I have 'music' for a swap at Debs and a set with a photo of me (eek) also at Uproar. Oops, little bit hooked here!! Oh and just a little swap with the theme 'Winter".
Now its vent time Grrr. We got a truck tyre changer a week ago today.....Rob spent a million hours searching the web and making phone calls before we decided on a machine. We didn't go the 'cheapy', we went about mid-range, took a bank loan to get the sucker and what happens....yesterday it broke!!! So not happy!!! A hydraulics man spent nearly four hours there today......a new part has been ordered and better be here tomorrow and it better fix it!! We are both exhausted, been crook and this just topped it off! Okay finished whinging...sorry
Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx