Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Update

Lexie, Pauly, Kathy, Shell and Cass.

Layout one from Friday night

Layout two from Friday night
Xmas cards from Kathies kit.

One off 'Wings' ATC for Vicki. Lots of wings, hope you like.

Cass and I went off to Seymour Friday night to Kathies for a class with Shell. Finally got to meet Shell and Lexie. Met a few other girls too that we hadn't met at Kathies before. Had a great nights, lots of laughs, not much scrappin! We stayed at a motel, then back to Kathies for brekkie with Shell and Lexie on Saturday morning. Great to meet new people, they were all lovely.
Saturday night I made 10 Xmas cards with a kit from Kathie, with lots of leftovers to make plenty more!! Sunday I had hoped to ride and scrap after I had done some bookwork and got my Tax ready to take to the accountant......totally lost the day to bookwork! Rob went out to the shed late in the arvo to make sure his Harley started as we haven't ridden for quite a while ...so I followed him and thought I should check mine too. They started okay, but then I had a bigger urge to ride!! So on I jumped in my pink flanny pj's and slappers.....down the drive, turned out at the road and come back, so lucky Rob didn't think to grab the camera...pretty funny sight!!
Can't believe the end of the month is nearly here as I hardly got any challenges done this month. Maybe next month I may get more done??? Better get some tea on, so I outa here. Thanx for stopping by Pauly xx


  1. Love the layouts you did friday night. Was great to meet you. hope to catch up again soon.. Sharynne

  2. Great pic Pauly. Sounds like you all had so much fun! Love the scrapping you got done too.

  3. Fun??? Who mentioned fun??? Did we have fun??? Don't tell anybody else, but it was a BLAST and a half!!!! I had a ball and so did all the other girls!! Look forward to doing it again soon!!
    Love Kathie
    Ps great LO's and fantastic cards!!! :)

  4. Hey guess what Pauly?????? I have done the ATC's!! Yay, they don't look like yours though....I hope that you girls like them!!