Monday, August 3, 2009

Not the best weekend ever!

Coffee anyone????

A LO of our little Cody, using my Guest DT pack from Uproar to Scrapmore. Yes, I am on the guest design team member for August.Will post details of Cybercrop soon!!

Scraphappy ATC Swap - 'Farmyard Animals '

Family & Friends Aug ATC Swap - 'Buttons & Lace'

Uproars Aug ATC Swap - 'A splash of colour'

Would put this one down as not one of my best weekends ever...OUCH!! Knocked off work absolutely exhausted Friday....asleep in my recliner by about 8pm...woke up at 3am and crawled to bed.....up at 9am with a bit of a sore back...........spent the whole morning doing accounts, statements and 'end of month' stuff....met MIL and Al for lunch at the Witches Brew, sat there for a couple of hours until I couldn't sit no more...pottered around the house whining that my back was sore and it just kept getting sorer by the minute. Cass came up to scrap as usual, but I just finished off some ATC's that I nearly had completed anyway and I had to leave her at the table by herself cos I was really startin to hurt and was havin trouble sitting, walking and existing! Took one of Robs voltarins and went to bed...kept waking up bellowing in pain..OMG! By Sunday morning I could hardly move and decided Rob better take me up to Casualty at the hospital. A nurse gave me an injection in the butt and four and a half hours later..........finally see a Doctor!! She tells me I have typical sciatica, take these drugs, and take a week off work and R&R. Well here I am, bored outa my brain! Can't just lay around! Can do a bit of scrappin, but can't sit too long. Bit sore today, but don't ever want it to get as bad as it was Sat/ Sun before that injection!!! Enough whinging for today, sorry peoples! Might be off to wander around some more.... Paulyxx


  1. Ouch Pauly! Nothing more annoying than sciatica. Hope it comes good

  2. is that how you spell it...never knew how..but its a bugger isn't it!!!!hope you get better real soon...nice work

  3. ouch mum's had that and Aunt June hope you rest up and sleep in if you can, and it improves for you..great atc's and LO

  4. Oh you poor love! I have had it so badly that my leg went least then i couldn't feel the pain. I really feel sorry for you ouch ouch ouch!! Does that mean that you guys won't be coming over on Friday?
    I love the ATC's that you have done...looking good!! Sarah is going to have a go at them too!!! YAY.....
    Okay my sweet friend, I hope to see you soon and GET BETTER!!
    ((((((((((((((Love))))))))))))))))) Kathie

  5. Ouch, hope you are feeling a bit better, and hope you are making the most of your forced holiday. Congrats on the design team thing too.