Saturday, October 30, 2010

Layouts 103 & 104.......

Slack ol blogger me finally has something to show!! These are the two layouts I 'shared' down at Kathies last night. Me little neice Ash and my grandaughter Emma. Have got the weekend off, so hoping to get end of month done and maybe a bit of a scrap!! Mmmm, house work is on the list too....see what happens?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding ATC

My last ATC for November for Scraphappys wedding theme.......

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Layout # 102 !!

 Emma - Layout 102 for this year...
 Sneak peeks of my 2  layouts  for Kathies next week......

 Retro ATC for ScrapNArt swap for October
Cutlery ATC for Family & Friends swap for October

Wow, I finally got some scrappin done this weekend!! Done my two layouts for my next class at Kathies and another one of Emma just because. Got the two ATC's done through the week also. Friday night some germ overtook my body and had me in bed before 8.30pm, felt like throwing  up and I haven't done that since I was a little tacka! Slept 12 hours and woke up feeling a bit better. Got my accounts done, went to work for a few hours and came home to help Rob clean up the BBQ and made a new area to set it up. We have set up in the spare carport, which is good as its protected from the wind, has lights and power for music, theres a phone in the shed. So the plan is to use the BBQ this year (as it didn't get used the whole of last summer!!)
Then of course we had to test it out for tea!! This morning I got up, scrapped two pages, made lunch and Rob and I went to see Tomorrow the war begins at the local cinema...good movie apart from the ending! Then went and had coffee and now he's watching a movie and I'm playing on my computer! Thats our weekend wrapped up. Might just head back to the scrap table and get my final ATCs for October done with the theme 'Weddings'. Thanks for stopping by.....Pauly xxxx

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lexies Class.....ATC and pics

 Used Postage Stamp ATC for Born 2 Create October swap

 My first visit to Puffing Billy on Sunday.....
My first ever time The Police have pulled us up on our bikes....(actually, we had already pulled in and parked when they came over to do a licence and rego check) All was good but.

The layouts up top are from Lexies class at Scraphappys last Friday night. The ATC is for a swap at Born 2 Create for October. Sunday the weather was MAGIC so we decided to take a ride down to Belgrave cos I'd never seen Puffing Billy before and it seemed like we hadn't ridden since 'forever ago'. It was a awesome ride down and guess what....I still havent seen Puffing Billy! We just missed the 12.30 ride and the next one wasn't until 2.30 and it would have been 4.30 before we could head home again, which we decided would've been too late. So if we did it again we'd get there a bit earlier....oh well! Had a awesome ride through the Black Spur on the way home (I'd only ever done that once before when the weather was wet and miserable) and got to about 30km out of Alexandra and my butt started to HURT and my back too. Wasn't much fun anymore! So Rob and I swapped bikes and I rode his big armchair for a while which was wicked!! Rob was pretty happy to get his bike back at Bonnie Doon!!! Anyways, enough rambling for now as my eyelids are getting really heavy!! Night all...Pauly xxx

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Finally something to show!! Got these two done (over time) one for me and one for our new little Emmas I just gotta pick which one to keep for myself!! MMMM, I like them both.....
Not a lot been happening here apart from working, working and working!! Our worker is back from a month off, so hopefully the pressure will ease a little! Now I best be off to cook tea and hoping to tackle Octobers ATC's after tea....Cheerio....Pauly xx
PS...These two take my 2010 tally to 99 - 1 more for a century!!!