Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Finally something to show!! Got these two done (over time) one for me and one for our new little Emmas I just gotta pick which one to keep for myself!! MMMM, I like them both.....
Not a lot been happening here apart from working, working and working!! Our worker is back from a month off, so hopefully the pressure will ease a little! Now I best be off to cook tea and hoping to tackle Octobers ATC's after tea....Cheerio....Pauly xx
PS...These two take my 2010 tally to 99 - 1 more for a century!!!


  1. I love them both to Pauly....maybe y9ou can cheat and keep them both??? Sounds good to me love!! :D

  2. love them Pauly so cute and that little grand daughter of yours is so gorgeous....will have to extract the digit and get mine with the pink flowers done ...maybe next