Sunday, March 29, 2009

My first ATC

This is my first ever ATC. It was the only thing I got done for the Uproar Cybercrop as I was very jetlagged...up early to catch a sunrise Friday morning, then big day, then flight home and then silly me drove home from the airport and got home at 4am. Bad idea, next time will stay in Melbourne and drive home next day!! Anyway, back to the ATC...I am looking forward to a ATC swap, but this challenge called for one, and the winner gets to keep them all!! So I thought the challenge to make one was a perfect opportunity to have a go!! TFL. Pauly xx

Holiday Photos

Krystals awesome shot of a baby dolphin with her Mum. Well caught Krystal!!

Sunset we caught at Fremantle on the beach.

Sun setting at Albany

One of my shots of gorgeous dolphin

Sunset at Mandurah

Girls I met at 'Scrap it Flaunt It' Was wonderful to meet you all!!!

We home!!

We home!! The holiday was great but went way too quick!! From the last post, we stayed at Trish and Noels for the weekend, thankyou sooo much!! It was great to catch up after 22years and meet your kids and Lindas girls. From there we went to Bunbury and got to see hundreds of dolphins!!! I was in my glory, they are one of my favourite animals, gorgeous creatures!! They were even kind enough to come in to the beach and get up real close (they hadn't been to shore for three days, so I wasn't too hopeful!!) Three came in to shore and one of them had her two week old calf!! Krystal got the BEST shot of the dolpin with her baby!! Then we went on to Busselton on the Tuesday, walked the 3684 metres on the jetty (1842 metres each way)and viewed the natural aquarium at the end of the jetty. Wednesday night we stayed at Pemberton, URK!! horrible drive and horrible motel, shared it with fighting neighbours, millipede infestation, grasshopper in the shower, spiders and dull, dim lighting and very uncomfy bed!! Checked out the treetop walk, but didn't do it. Chicken me ain't good with heights and the others weren't that fussed to look at trees. Arrived at Albany after lunch on Thursday, checked into gorgeous resort and went out to Whaleworld until they closed. Got some tea on the way back and then walked the beach at the resort, absolutely beautiful!! Would spend more time there next time.... I got up with the crows Friday morning to try and catch a sunrise as I didn't have too much luck with sunsets........was foggy as!!!! So walked the beach for an hour ( I hate swimming at the beach, but I could walk it forever!!!) Then went to a scrap shop and a Harley Shop before the 400km long boring drive back to Perth to the airport. All good things must come to an end!! But it was fantastic while it lasted!!! Shall post a couple of my favourite photos as I don't know where to start...and add a few every time I get a chance!! Bye for now...Love Pauly xxx

Friday, March 20, 2009

Perth update

Hello there!! Just a quick update from a public puter. Holiday is great!! Day one we went to Armadale and I met about a dozen scrappers I know from online. Was fantastic to meet these gorgeous people!! Chatted for about three hours...didn't want to leave but my very patient family had hung around long enough!! Then went to "Stamp It" from there. Got back to our 'Deluxe Cabin' just in time to meet Trish and Noel and went out to tea. Wow, haven't seen them for 22 years. Day two, we went to the Perth Zoo, fantastic time, spent the whole day there and then went to Cicerellos for tea on the jetty. Day three we went up to the aquarium for a few hours, found a big shopping mall for another hour or so....then went to the Burswood Casino for tea, Awesome meal!! Today we went for a lunch cruise for three hours, that was nice. We off to Mandurah tomorrow for the weekend. Staying with Trish and Noel and rellies are over for BBQ on Sat. night. Oops, gotta go, times UP!! Bye for Now Luv Pauly xxxx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last four challenges for the month!!

RSS Theme Challenge. Young Jess, aint she stunning!!

RSS Sketch Challenge. Codys first Camping trip.

RSS Ebony/Ivory Challenge. Ash watering Mums garden.

RSS Colour challenge. Cody and Lucas. Darling grandsons!!
Well, thats me for March!! Still got quite a few from my three forums I would like to have got done...but we outa here in the morning!!! I'm starting to get butterflies now!! Have flown twice before, but I'm still nervous. Tack and Krystal have never flown before, not sure if they are nervous, I guess not, as they haven't said anything. Probably hit them when we get to the airport!! Gonna be a long day tommorrow, better go get some shuteye!! Report back in two weeks!! See ya all Paulyxxx

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Latest Wipeout Challenge

Just a quick upload of my latest Wipeout challenge at Uproar. Only 2 more sleeps and we off to Perth!!! Today I hope to pump out a few challenges as I''m running out of time!! Got 7 left to do at RSS, few at Debs and a few at Uproar...don't like my chances at getting them all done!! Grr, it really annoys me that I can't get my writing above my photo....whenever I write a post and then add pics, they jump above my writing, how do I fix this?? Pouring rain here...gorgeous!! Until later

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I got Blog Award - Twice!

Blog Award from Lisa and Sheri. Thanx xxx

Oops sideways!! LOL. The glows not that bad on here.... Best I've got Sheri...

This sun was fire engine red. Grr never works out good!!

Ahh, just gotta put up my Blog award I got from the lovely Lisa and Sheri (an amazing little scrapper for her age) Thanx Girls so much, Sheri put in a little bonus and would like a pic of a flower. This is the only one I have on my pc, the colour is freaky, took it when I was trying to capture the blazing red sun the other night at sunset, it put a freaky glow on everything!!
Now i am too pass it on to four people. I choose..
1. Tina
2. Vicki
3. Nat
4. Debbie C
Now I'm really outta here!! Nite Pauly xxx

Mini Rak Challenge

Wipeout Game 5 Round 6

Wipeout Game 5 Round 5

5 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!! Two more days of work!!! Poor Rob is so busy, 9.30 and he still not home. Everyone trying to get in before we leave for Perth, can vision the same thing happening when we get back, he won't even know he had a holiday!! At least he will get two weeks rest... Got a couple more LO's to share..both for Wipeout at Uproar, still hangin in there. Poor Vic got wiped out this round....The other photo was a mini RAK challenge, the same little bag of goodies was sent to 9 or 10 people, and you have to create a card using everything in the bag! You could add more if you wished as long as you used everythng sent..all I added was a bit of ink. Be interesting to see all the different outcomes...Thanks for looking, Until next time... Pauly xxx

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Scrap Effort

Wipeout game 5 round 3

RSS March Quote Challenge

RSS March Neg Space Challenge

One I done early last year I thought fitted in with the RSS CC Theme

RSS CC Challenge #1 Recipe Card

RSS CC Milkshake Challenge (Blue Heaven Flavour)

Got five layouts done this weekend, plus lots of bookwork and housework. Wish the weekends were longer!! Oh, and one entry for Wipeout - Game 5 Rd 4. Got through this round as two didn't get their entries in. Got no votes last round, but got through!! ONLY EIGHT MORE SLEEPS UNTIL WE FLY TO PERTH!!! HOW EXCITED AM I??? We are organising a coffee and chinwag in Fremantle on Tuesday 17th with a few Perth scrappers, be great to meet these ladies in person. Gonna catch up with relations later in the week, looking forward to that too!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This one is for Wipeout Game 5 Rd. 3. We had to do a peekaboo window?(I had no I guessed!! Made a little flap with latchy thing so it opens with a secret inside), something you can purchase in the Uproar store (bling word) and stamping (border and Big Brother words) and journalling. Had me stumped for a while..see if I can get through another round!!

This one was for Wipeout Game 5, Rd 2. We had to draw a sketch and create it, use 2 x 12" strips and silver and a heart somewhere. Was totally over Xmas LO's, but done this one for a workmate with two of her kids a our staff party. Only took me four months!!

Got a couple of layouts to upload that I have done for Wipeout at Uproar. Still in for now...... and OMG, how exciting!!!!! I won three challenges for February. Two at ready, set scrap and one at Uproar2Scrapmore. I won the negative space challenge at RSS, I won a $20 rhinestone pack with my Sam Koala LO. I won the Sketch challenge at RSS and won a $20 ribbon pack with my cooling off LO. At uproar I won a $10 scrap pack for the scraplift challenge for Codys LO (in the circle) I think they are all further down in my blog. Love doing the challenges, and its just a bonus to win something as well!!
Seriously hoping my mojo is pumping this weekend!!! I have got a cybercrop at RSS, and stacks of challenges at RSS, Debs Creations and Uproar!!! With only two weekends left before we go away, gotta get stuck into them!! ONLY 11 MORE SLEEPS TO GO, LOOK OUT PERTH, HERE WE COME!!! probably be back Sunday night with a few more LO's to share. Bye For Now Love Pauly xxx

Monday, March 2, 2009

Did a quick LO after work today for a game at Uproar called 'Chinese Whispers'. A LO is emailed to you and you scraplift at least 4 elements from it and then email yours on to the next person on the list, there is nine on the list and I was 2nd in line..So I can't show you!!! Hanging to see how the LO ends up!! I Play lots of little games and swaps etc.. good fun. And now I have this little blog hopping addiction!!! Any wonder I can't get all my challenges done!! Wish we didn't have to work, would have so much time to play. ... LOL.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blog Award

i got this blog award from the lovely Debbie (who I'll hopefully get to meet when I go to Perth). I am to pass it on to four others whos blog I follow and enjoy. Heres to you

Um, but you'll have to come take it, cos I don't know how to pass it on, lol!! I copy and pasted from Debbies blog....
This one is for WIPEOUT at Uproar. Game 5 started today.

This one was a photo from Tina for a photoswap, I used it for Theresas challenge at Debs

Well, that wasn't a very productive scrapping weekend! Spent most of it doing accounts, statements and end of month. Then there was housework, what a drag!! Got two layouts done, better than none I Saturday night scrappin buddy stood me up, and I couldn't find my mojo!! Hope it returns with a vengence, cos I printed out lots of challenges for March. Woohoo only 15 sleeps now till we fly away!!! Soo excited. Going to meet a few girls from scrapping forums and catch up with Trish and Aunty Wendy!! On the second week we are heading North to Monkey Mia, so wanna see the dolphins!! Oops, better get to bed. Nite xx