Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mini Rak Challenge

Wipeout Game 5 Round 6

Wipeout Game 5 Round 5

5 SLEEPS TO GO!!!!!!! Two more days of work!!! Poor Rob is so busy, 9.30 and he still not home. Everyone trying to get in before we leave for Perth, can vision the same thing happening when we get back, he won't even know he had a holiday!! At least he will get two weeks rest... Got a couple more LO's to share..both for Wipeout at Uproar, still hangin in there. Poor Vic got wiped out this round....The other photo was a mini RAK challenge, the same little bag of goodies was sent to 9 or 10 people, and you have to create a card using everything in the bag! You could add more if you wished as long as you used everythng sent..all I added was a bit of ink. Be interesting to see all the different outcomes...Thanks for looking, Until next time... Pauly xxx


  1. totally love all your LOs Pauly! You are very creative and inspirational

  2. Gee I love that card Pauly. So