Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Scrap Effort

Wipeout game 5 round 3

RSS March Quote Challenge

RSS March Neg Space Challenge

One I done early last year I thought fitted in with the RSS CC Theme

RSS CC Challenge #1 Recipe Card

RSS CC Milkshake Challenge (Blue Heaven Flavour)

Got five layouts done this weekend, plus lots of bookwork and housework. Wish the weekends were longer!! Oh, and one entry for Wipeout - Game 5 Rd 4. Got through this round as two didn't get their entries in. Got no votes last round, but got through!! ONLY EIGHT MORE SLEEPS UNTIL WE FLY TO PERTH!!! HOW EXCITED AM I??? We are organising a coffee and chinwag in Fremantle on Tuesday 17th with a few Perth scrappers, be great to meet these ladies in person. Gonna catch up with relations later in the week, looking forward to that too!!


  1. Such Beautiful LO's that you have produced over the weekend!!! I especially love the one about friendship with all those lovely flourishes...did you hand cut them out? Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Gosh you got busy over the weekend didn't you?....LOL
    Love everything here Pauly. Your work is amazing at the