Saturday, March 14, 2009

Latest Wipeout Challenge

Just a quick upload of my latest Wipeout challenge at Uproar. Only 2 more sleeps and we off to Perth!!! Today I hope to pump out a few challenges as I''m running out of time!! Got 7 left to do at RSS, few at Debs and a few at Uproar...don't like my chances at getting them all done!! Grr, it really annoys me that I can't get my writing above my photo....whenever I write a post and then add pics, they jump above my writing, how do I fix this?? Pouring rain here...gorgeous!! Until later


  1. Wow !Pauly this is stunning..Looking forward to our meeting next week Honey!!whohoo

  2. Hey Pauly,
    Pictures will always go to the top. if you add your photos first, then put your cursor in above them and type, you can have your words at the top- BUT, your photo will no longer be able to be clicked by us viewers on to enlarge to see more details. I want to see details- so I vote for leaving the photos at the top.
    See you Tuesday!