Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last four challenges for the month!!

RSS Theme Challenge. Young Jess, aint she stunning!!

RSS Sketch Challenge. Codys first Camping trip.

RSS Ebony/Ivory Challenge. Ash watering Mums garden.

RSS Colour challenge. Cody and Lucas. Darling grandsons!!
Well, thats me for March!! Still got quite a few from my three forums I would like to have got done...but we outa here in the morning!!! I'm starting to get butterflies now!! Have flown twice before, but I'm still nervous. Tack and Krystal have never flown before, not sure if they are nervous, I guess not, as they haven't said anything. Probably hit them when we get to the airport!! Gonna be a long day tommorrow, better go get some shuteye!! Report back in two weeks!! See ya all Paulyxxx

1 comment:

  1. Yes they are all very beautiful as is your beautiful daughter (?) Love your LO's they are all sensational!