Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Gotta love Webster pages!!

August 'Shabby Chic' ATC swap at the Challenge Chics

'Hearts' Aug Batlow swap.

I brought myself some gorgeous Webster pages probably about 6 -8 months ago and haven't been game enough to use them cos they are so pretty!! I didn't wanna ruin them!! Anyway I got real game and scrapped a photo of my cousin and her family, such a lovely family portrait I stole of Facebook! Got some great ones of her sisters birthday party that I wanna scrap too. Hanging to see my cousins that I haven't seen forever! Thinking about riding our Harleys over in October when Krystal is over in Malaysia. Either that or jump on a plane to Queensland....still deciding as I wanna do both but not enough time!!
Just been up to the Osteopath and she tells me she has put everything back where it should be....may be sore for a couple of days. So much better than over the weekend!!! Woohoo!!
Better be off...Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx
PS. Check out my Star Cafe link on my sidebar....Just click on the logo...can't wait till our new shop is done!!!


  1. wowsers!! just checked out the link, hope to make it down there one day for a chicken strip and coffee.. what will happen to the Ski Inn... Ohh Nooo!! not the websters I only broken one of mine and seen some more gorgeous ones in the LSS but didn't succomb this time, found out the date for DH op a month to wait. love the LO and atc's you have been busy.

  2. Hello beautiful!!! Sooooo disappointed you couldn't come tonight, understand totally... Hope you get better really soon. I had 5 girls turn up for the night so that was good! Can you give the christmas stuff to Cassie to give to Chris on Sunday please? Guess what??????

    Both Sarah and I have done our ATC's for this month!!! Yay farmyard here we come!! Loved doing them!! Different to what you have done, hey but isn't that what makes the world go round??? Hanging out to see you soon!!!
    Love Kathie

  3. Love your Websters page Pauly. They are super inspiring once you see a layout, makes you want to bust them out. I have some waitng to be loved too.