Thursday, July 2, 2009


Woodland/Forest Critters ATC

I Wish ATC

The brekkie is for you Sue!! You mentioned a while back that I would have lotsa stuff at work that I could take photos of...I remembered!! This is our 'Works Breakfast' at Ski Inn Cafe where I work. We have had lots of brekkies while touring around on our bikes, I reckon ours is the best!! (not biased at all, we are often told that by customers too!!)
A couple of ATC's, one is a sample for our family & friends swap (haven't finished them yet) with the theme 'Woodland/Forest Critters', so I chose a little squirrel. The other is a 'one off' with the theme 'I wish' for a swap at Uproar2Scrapmore. Next I have 'music' for a swap at Debs and a set with a photo of me (eek) also at Uproar. Oops, little bit hooked here!! Oh and just a little swap with the theme 'Winter".
Now its vent time Grrr. We got a truck tyre changer a week ago today.....Rob spent a million hours searching the web and making phone calls before we decided on a machine. We didn't go the 'cheapy', we went about mid-range, took a bank loan to get the sucker and what happens....yesterday it broke!!! So not happy!!! A hydraulics man spent nearly four hours there today......a new part has been ordered and better be here tomorrow and it better fix it!! We are both exhausted, been crook and this just topped it off! Okay finished whinging...sorry
Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx


  1. OMG, is that a platter or a plate, does one person wrap themselves around all that. Looks yummy, cept the ikky mushrooms and the ewwww! soft yokes on the eggs. I think you are liking these atc things.

  2. Can I come for breakky please, so glad you put up your Woodland atc I have been losing sleep over the theme but now I have seen yours I'm getting ideas

  3. When you find your housework fairy make sure she has a twin sister for me, but she has to have something extra for me, she needs to be a bookwork fairy as well, then I might find more time to do some crafts. The moths are probably having a feast in my patchwork fabric stash, the sewing machine is sitting gathering dust, the only use it's had in the last couple of months is Karens mending.
    I'll line up for brekky too, it looks good enough to eat.

  4. Yummy let me at that brekkie, but please no mushrooms as they make me really really sick!! Just letting you know that this week we are doing the BUTTERFLY papers!! Cost is $20.00 and its 3 single LO's!! Hayley had outdone herself this time!!! Let me know if you would like a bed for the night!! :) Look forward to catching up soon.
    Love Kathie

  5. oh yumm,i didn't see past the brekkie