Monday, April 6, 2009

Underwater shot of sharks, stingray, and starfish.
This looks like a land mine!

Tacks underwater camera in the touchpool.

Octopus on the glass

Finding Nemo!!!

Wicked photo!! Jellyfish.

The top three photos Tack (my boy) took with his underwater camera. I reckon they are wicked! These are all from the aquarium. The touch pool was the biggest highlight of the day. All Tack wanted to do was touch a shark, took him a while to get hold of it. I touched the stingray expecting it to be smooth as silk and it felt GROSSE like sandpaper!! The pool made ya hands smell real bad!! It was pretty amusing watching peoples reactions when they touched stuff and one little boy was drinking the water. OMG Yuk!!! Thanx for calling by, until next time Pauly xx


  1. I agree Pauly. These are all really wicked photos. Love them all!

  2. wow- they look like professional underwater shots. Maybe you can get Tack into scrapping that page for you!