Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick hello that is now not so quick!!

Uproar Mini RAK challenge

Debs (Renaes April Challenge)

Debs Master Blaster Challenge - Round 3
Just a quick hello to share some scrappin I've done this week. Top one is a mini RAK challenge at Uproar to Scrapmore. All participants receive a little package (all the same item) to make a card with. You have to use everything in the kit and can add anything you like. They all go up for voting and the winner hosts the next round. This month was hosted by Shazza. Its real interesting to see all the different outcomes from the same items.
The second pic is a LO for Renaes challenge at Debs. One third of LO was to be stamping, three pp's and no flowers (ouch). The last pic is for Debs Master Blaster challenge, round three. It was to create a 6 x 12 banner for Debs new shop, using her site colours (pink, black, orange and white). The winner has their banner displayed in her new shop and a $20 pack as well as being the third round (of six) in Master Blaster. Quite like how this one turned out. So love the Batik flower!!
The Ultimate Wipeout started today at Uproar, we have five challenges to do (twice). We have until May 15th to get these done. Done my first one tonight but need daylight as usual. I have been in forums and doing challenges since the end of last year, reckon I would be a little lost without them now!! Wouldn't know what to do without someone telling me!! LOL, what an addict. On a non-scrapping tune, my boy turns 21 next Sunday!! OMG time flies!! The 14 yo daughter would like to think shes 18, but I got a little time left.... Our new shed for our business has been started I believe, and still aiming to have it finished by 1st June. So we could be out before our shire visit!! Hubby ordered a new toy today (OMG, his toys are getting more expensive each time) we are getting a new truck tyre changer, he's pretty excited!! I might even learn to use it myself!!! Funny aren't I!!! It will certainly save his back and keep him going a bit longer!! Anyway, way too long for a quick hello. Thanks for stopping by.....Pauly xx


  1. I like the banner you have done. Nice. You had me going with the LO, I had to read 3 times before I realised I was reading it wrong, I thought it said 'third one', must be age catching up to me. Speaking of, how old do you feel, kids are growing up fast hey.

  2. You learning about boys and their toys, the bigger the boys the more expensive the toys, but you need em to make a buck. Keep up the good work I'm proud of you girls. :)

  3. Love the card you made Pauly soooo cute ;)
    And Well Done on the Banner - i love it xx