Sunday, April 5, 2009

RSS April Colour Challenge

RSS CC Challenge 'Music Mojo" set by Tracey

RSS CC 'Kamera Kiosk' Challenge set by AM.
Didn't get half as much done as I would of liked this weekend, not feeling too flash! Was going to Melbourne Saturday to meet some more RSS girls. Woke up with a thumping headache and feeling like dirt. So I pulled out of that. Knocked back a Harley ride this morning, but did 4.5 hours of bookwork instead. Managed 3 LO's over the weekend and did one tonight but will upload tomorrow when there is daylight. Got tickets to see Adam Brand this Friday night at Bonnie Doon Hotel, should be good! Also got tickets through the week to go see Billy Elliot, now thats exciting as I've never seen a live theatre production in my lifetime!! Accommodation in Melbourne is also paid for if you live over two hours away, I think we should qualify for that too!!
Its not on until May, but looking forward to that!! Cheerio until next time....Pauly xx


  1. woowwww... i havent checked your blog for ages and you LO's are stunning :D
    and absoloutly love your dolphin pics!!

  2. Really loving all your work at the moment Pauly. Gorgeous