Monday, January 25, 2010

Girls night in.........

Got these two cards done over the weekend for challenges at Debs girls night in...had a bit of a chat and giggle Friday night. Couldn't stay too long as I had a ton of bookwork to do. Saturday morning I had the grandsons for a few hours so we walked down to the Bush Market and I got burnt like a lobster, first time Ive worn a dress this summer, my poor skin didn't know what hit it!! After that I needed a nanny nap!!!!!!! Then Saturday evening, we went out to the lake..Krystal kayaked and me and Rob took photos. Yesterday Rob and I went to Wang to buy our lowline TV unit that we couldn't get a couple of weeks ago, stock up on drinks for the workshop and cat food. We come home with all of the above but also brought a new bedroom suite which will be delivered some time next week!!! Got everything we wanted now so gotta stop spending as this is my last week of fulltime work!!!! Have a lovely day off tomorrow all you lucky people...I'll be thinking of you while I'm at work. Cya later Paulyxx

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  1. Hi Pauly, does that mean no more scrapping here???? I will miss you to much....... :(