Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello!! Just scrapped a header to put on my blog and it looks dopey cos its too big!! Mmm, don't know how to make it smaller... guess I'll keep fiddling. Don't like the pink down the sides either...Lol, not having much luck here. Hoping to get a few challenges done this weekend, but its end of month so not liking my chances much. Sorry, this is all I have time for while I was waiting for Krystal to get out of the shower, must go now...hopefully have something to show you next post (and fix my header!!) Bye for now Pauly xx


  1. Hi!!

    Can't help you with the header, but you can change your blog look by going to

  2. You probably just need to reduce the size of your pic down a bit Pauly. I'm gonna guess it needs to be about 600 pixels wide. Hope this helps! Looks good

  3. Nice header, and yeah just keep on playing till you get it right, or get Krystal to do it, Sheri usually fixes mine for me (and doesn't she hate doing it). She tries to educate me, but has little success, and no comments from you about that Tara, LOL.

  4. the blogger header looks awsome and i love all your pages below...
    there should be something when you are loading the header that should say something like shrink to fit? select that and it should fit in better ;)