Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uproars Cybercrop Layouts

Vickis Blind Challenge
Lisas Blind Challenge

Amandas Blind Challenge

Kylies Blind Challenge
While I was on a roll, I thought I would add the challenges I did for Uproars Cybercrop this weekend. They were all 'blind' challenges this month, where you get your requirements list before the cybercrop begins, and then the instructions are put up when the cybercrop begins. Good fun, I must confess Vicki has turned me into a forum junkie!! But hey, its fun!! Thanx Vicki!! Anyway, enough for tonight....better sleep. Next thing is to learn how to make my site all pretty like everyone elses and add blinkie things.... Bye for now.


  1. Ah!!ummm!! me get the blame..I'm still learning how to put blinkies on.... well you done it down the bottom you better check it out, now u have a blog u can leave comments on others too.

  2. Hi Pauly glad you have decided to blog gives me a chance to keep up with the happenings of another of my nieces, I'm very proud of all my talented nieces. Love A. Jen

  3. Nice Lo's Pauly. The girls are starting to work out who is related to them now. Bit sad at their ages not to know most of the cousins.
    Don't you just love blind scrapping.

  4. Gorgeous layouts blog too!

  5. Thanx for the comments all, this is starting to look like another addiction!! I have finally twigged on how great it is to be able to keep up with family and friends!!