Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layout 21, bits and pieces......

Just a photo of maggies.....

A layout done by KRYSTAL for her boyfriends family.....little Tayla...what a cutie!!!

A layout I done this morning waiting for Rob to get up....had most of it cut out from last year, another UFO finally done!!!

A card for a card challenge at MAD, a card with a hole and a creature of flight.....

Two more Magnolia ATC's for Vickis challenge last month at Debs (I think I was the only one to enter) so I have a real good chance of winning a set made by Vicmbee!! LOL.

Been having a little play, mojo is slowly creeping back home.....need to do something so I don't go stir crazy!!! Poor Rob is bored outa his brain too!! He got his staples out today, he pretty happy that is over and done with, he said it was the worst of the whole precedure, second in line was getting the catheter (spelling unsure??) out. Had the physio yesterday, got a bit of a leg massage and list of exercises to do. All in all, hes doing well! Got a new stamp and set of twinkling H2O's today in the mail...itching for a play....after tea. Better go as the lamb roast is almost done.....need to make gravy...mmmmmm smells sooo good!! Cya Pauly xxx


  1. Ill be there for the lamb roast!!!!

  2. love your magnolia atc's. i had my magnolia image ready to do these but had absolutely no inspiration so they just sat there lol.

    i really feel for rob, i hated getting staples out. and its worse when they stick in a drain cos then they are ripping out tubing like fishtank tubing outta ya lol... the worse part with the staples is skin grows over the top of them and they just rip lol...............glad my days of op's are finally(hopefully) over............

  3. I adore that LO of Cody.....its great Pauly and the one that Krystal did rocks!!! Good effort!!