Friday, March 5, 2010

Asian ATC and a few photos....

Took this one the same night as the full one I took (below) in the morning. It lost a fair chunk of it over the period of the day......

Took this one and one with the external flash we just got, it was WAY Overexposed and looked awful. I like the one with no flash heaps better....

Born 2 Create Asian Delights ATC's

Have been playing around with my camera again....pretty happy with my moon photos considering I havent got a super-dooper lens ( I do want one, but better wait a bit I think). Have done a few bits and pieces this week, but can't show ya yet......Have done two lo's for my class at Kathies next week, a little gift for somebody and a set of ATC's for our Family n Friends '40th Birthday' swap. Haven't got a photo yet, get one tomorrow.
Rob is coming along nicely with his hip, our biggest problem is boredom!!! Its only been 3 days home and he's over it!!!! His big adventure for the day is a walk out to the mailbox and around the yard and to take a shower is a big job!! I think he is gonna go on phone duties next week if his throat is better just to keep a bit of sanity, he has physio on Monday and Doctors Tuesday to get the staples out.....(he not looking forward to that!!) I haven't got bored least I can jump up and sweep or dust or cook or clean or scrap or do accounts or... etc etc etc. Its been about 11 years since I have had to cook three meals a day, way out of touch!!! Well enough rambling for one post...have a great weekend everybody....catch ya round......Pauly xx


  1. great pics and love those atc's.Hope i get one

  2. Love your ATC's Pauly!! Clever girl

  3. I like your candle.

    I so want to do a weekend workshop. I'm looking around. I found two so far, at syd zoo 2 days $550.00 or 2.5hrs for $99 walk around syd harbour.

    Let me know if you hear of anything.