Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Mans Home!!

Waiting patiently (from 10am) on Thursday 25th Feb

Wheeled in at 2pm (started op at 2.45, finished at 4.30)

Back in critical care ward at 5pm

Home today at 2.30, 5 days after the op!
Yay, brought my man home today after his hip replacement last Thursday. They say he is doing great! The morning after his op, they had him out of bed..took a couple of steps. Poor buggar thought he was getting totally knocked out for the op....but he heard it all. The cutter, the hammer, the surgeon saying "This is Fu******!" (we not sure if he meant the cutting tool or Robs hip?) Gonna ask him at next appointment! The trip home took it out of him, slept for a few hours when we got home.... Got a photo of his cut n staples, but didn't post it incase it freaked some of yas out!! 28 staples I think he counted. The top of his leg is probably three times its normal size. He gets the staples out next Tuesday and that really scares him! He has a really inflamed throat and tonsils are pussy, hopefully we can clear that up soon and he'll be a lot happier. Thanks for all your well-wishes........catch ya later......Paulyxxx

Mmmm sorry bout the sideways photos, dunno how to turn them in here.......


  1. Ohhh I hope Rob is on the mend....Ohh I would have hated to hear all the noises from the theatre! Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. glad hes home and doing well..... i so know what he went through being awake in the op, i was awake for 4 of my 6 c/sections

  3. Glad to hear all went well and personally Im happy to not see the sta[les - my husband on the other hand loves the idea....

  4. So glad to see you home again Rob!! You are looking pretty sweet!! Toncillitis is not a good thing at the best of times, keep well!! Can I please nick Pauly for a few hours next Friday night???? Just so she can teach her first lesson here.....we are all looking forward to it!!!

  5. so glad it went well,sending my lovexxx