Saturday, March 13, 2010

Layout #22 and #23, My first class......

Layout 1

Layout 2

These were the two layouts I did for my first class down at Scraphappys. Met three more lovely ladies that I hadn't met before.....It wasn't as nerve racking as I thought, they all did a great job!!
Haven't been near my scrap table today, have been doing housework, cleaning out my spare room, getting ready for my boy to move back home, weeding, washing, tidied up the mess from the tradesmen yesterday (I forgive them though as I had the best shower that I,ve had in the nine years that we,ve lived here!!!!! It was AWESOME to have water pressure!!!!!) Now updating my blog then I'll get the washing in, think about tea and then I might scrap! I've got a blind challenge to do for MAD. Thanks for stopping by Paulyxxxx

The little Kitten is sooo cute, my latest subject for photos.....they are getting a little gamer towards us.....


  1. louts are gorgeous...well done't forgotten the butterflies...just been a bad

  2. Oh Pauly what fun we had last night!!! I loved it heaps and so did the other girls!! You did extremely well and the lesson was fantastic!! If you take a quick sneak peek at my blog you will see that I actually put my finished LO up!! I did change it a little not to much though!!
    Chat soon

  3. Love the kitty photo's... they are sooo cute!!

    Glad your first class went well too, your pages are great!!!