Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cody pics....

A photo of Buller as I was coming home from work yesterday. Beautiful blue skies with a near full moon out!! Bizarre!!
Cody on the tramp today
Cody on my Harley

Cody and Poppy (bit unsure of him still!)

At my work yesterday LOL

Putting his lollipop in the holder before he took the suck!!

Thoght I'd share a few pics, havent had the camera out much apart from taking photos of layouts, cards or ATC's! Top one is a scenery shot as I lave enjoyed looking at Sues and Shazzas!!

Enjoy your day...Paulyxx


  1. Cody looks so cute!!! And he is eating my fav chupa chup the choc and cream! Yummy! Ohh thanks for the comments on my photo blog! And I loved your story on Motherhood Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. Great pics, aren't grandkids just the greatest.
    I am loving taking a pic everyday, it has certainly made me a better photographer, and I am seeing things I would never have noticed before.