Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks for the clock!! Love It!!!

Tack and his girlfriend Brooke at Tacks 21st Dinner last Sunday.

Big, huge THANKS to my cousin Tony (harry) for our clock we got in the mail yesterday, we LOVE it!!!! What a fantastic idea to have one personalised to make it your own..I emailed photos to Tony of a Harley emblem and our numberplates off our bikes and this is what he made us!! I now have visions of one with a gorgeous butterfly on it for my office (which is covered in butterflies!) Just gotta find a pic of a butterfly that catches my eye! Only $75 too!! For anyone thats hard to buy for or collects certain 'things', these clocks are an ideal prezzie. I seen some others he did with work logos and grog labels, they all looked great. If anyone is interested in purchasing, leave me a comment and I can arrange it.. LOL, just noticed its that shiny I can see myself taking the photo in it!!

Thanks to those of you that joined my 'family/friends ATC swap'. Got Jennys today, they are just gorgeous!!! Won't post them here until I get them all.......

Mum, if I not back on before Sunday, have a great Mothers Day...hope the girls spoil you!! Love ya heaps xx

Better get me butt to bed...god I love getting up at 5am....NOT!! Until next time...Pauly xx


  1. love the clock the artistic shot with your reflection ....very Arty Farty

  2. Love the clock too!!! Yeh just a bit clever!!! Can't wait to see your butterfly clock!!! Love Flutterbyes too!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

  3. What is the clock made of, looks great,wiil chat again after I get home luv A. Jen