Monday, May 11, 2009

Krystal yesterday on my bike before we left on our ride

another sunset the other evening

My 2nd last LO for Wipeout

My final LO for Wipeout (Vic informs me I have my grandfathers name wrong!) I thought it was Robert Albert....Oops, shall fix that!

My entry for the Numbers Challenge at RSS, my first challenge done for RSS so far this month..
Hope yas all had a lovely Mothers Day! I finally jumped on the bike and went for a ride, couldn't remember the last time I did! OMG, there is no feeling like it!! So free.... We only rode as far as Benalla for lunch as I wasn't feeling too flash, but it was awesome! Then I had to have a nanny nap when we got back, as I was exhausted. LOL!! Ol nanny Harley!! Then we had planned to drive to Jamieson for tea as we are never happy with the places in town.....Tacks suggestion actually as he had cut some awesome grain-fed scotch fillet steaks for the pub up there. So we arrive there (half hour drive with wildlife!!) to find the power had just gone out 15 minutes before we got there!!! So they were cooking a VERY limited menu by candlelight... So we decided it was way too limited - no steaks. Drove back into town and went to The Mansfield!!
Its Robs birthday today...
We just finished pigging out on cream sponge that one of our ol Bingo Buddies dropped off on her way to Bingo (we ran the local Bingo for five years) what a nice suprise that was!! Rob answered the door in his PJ's!! Thanks Dawn, you are the best sponge maker in the district!! It was delicious as usual!!! Feeling big, fat and tired now and ready for bed!! Outa here for now..Thanx for dropping by...Pauly xx


  1. I've just looked up names on the family tree, its Albert Henry born 10th april 1908 till 16th sept 1965.... Happy Birthday Rob hope you had a good one and enjoyed your cake...

  2. Happy birthday Rob. Lol the ol nanny harley.
    Love the numbers challenge Lo, I just put a lo on my blog, using the requirements for the Neg challenge at RSS. Must actually get around to loading a lo one day.
    Woo hoo, look at the sunset.

  3. Love the LO's....and that sunset it devine!
    Happy Belated Birthday Rob! Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. Hey Pauly,Love the lo's!!! Hope u had a great weekend xx