Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now mothers day is over I can post these cards. I signed up for the card challenge at Uproar a few months back to try to push myself to make them and use some left overs. The first month I did my quota of five, failed miserably the next two months....Only one to go for May and I'm back in the swing!! I do enjoy making them, its just the whole time factor!! I sat and made these four in one go, didn't plan it but they all ended up with butterflies on them!!! Anyone would think I like them hey!! Best go cook tea....Thanks for dropping by.....Pauly xx


  1. gorgeous cards love the one you sent mum, I just posted a few atc's on my card blog if you want to look... Ps love that big butterfly stamp of yours.... Pss I forgot to give ma her card... what a wally all the cards I made...

  2. So you like butterflies then, Lol. Great cards, I never even sent my Mum one, oops. So how is the photography going. You must have lots of great things to snap at work.

  3. love the cards Pauly....I got my mums card made 5 minutes before I gave it to her....the glue wasn't even dry.... I quess thats what you call hot off the press....lol....oxo