Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family & Friends ATC Swap

Just a quicky today to post my latest ATC creation for my family & friends Swap. The theme this month was butterflies (LOL, guess who picked that???) Lovin these ATC's! Gotta start on my Animal (not birds) ones now for the swap at Debs. Got a plan, but dunno if I can pull it off!! Hope you have all checked out Shazzas blog?? Lotsa games and fun and a lovely lady!! (and brilliant photographer!) Link is on my sidebar cos I'm not clever enough to do it here.... Thanx for stopping by Pauly xx


  1. gorgeous.... to create the link in your post just copy and paste from the side link... very easy when you know how.....

  2. Great ATC, you make it look easy, still not sure what you are supposed to do with them though.

  3. Thanks for the plug glad that you are having fun!!! Think it is between your and Leish at the moment!!! Can't wait to see who wins Scrap Bingo.....Good Luck!!! Still a few more days to get your entries in for the Blog Post Hunt....

    Ohhh I love that ATC with the butterfly...
    but I am with Sue....what do you do with them!I love flutterbyes too!!!

    To add the link to my name you just highlight my name, then copy my addy and then click on the lil link (green circle with bracket sort of thing) in the posting box and add the link then and then everyone will be able to click on it and go straight to my page. Hope this helps if not email me at and I will be able to ring you and step you through it ok! Luv Shaz xoxo

  4. Wow pauly that ATC is magnificent! I have never done an ATC before but I know yours is truly beautiful


  5. Thanks ladies! Ya just collect ATC's like kids collect footy cards!! Except way more they are gorgeous little pieces of art designed by friends. I have them in a folder with the dividers they use for footy cards. Only have one full set at the moment but love looking at them, can't wait to get more!!

  6. Pauly, this is lovely. I'm sorry I missed that swap, I love butterflies too