Monday, May 18, 2009


Taken today after the sun went down at 5.30. Kinda like how the flash lit up the tree in front of me and the rest is silouetted.
Sun going down today at 5pm

Taken today too at 4pm. Was capturing the weird orange coloured misty type cloud that was floating around.

This is our site for our new shed (next to the existing shed) that is meant to be up and ready by the 1st of June!! Not gonna happen I,m thinking. Ironic...I went up to the Shire last week and begged them for an extension to the end of June instead of the first of June as I didn,t think our shed would be ready in time for us to be out. Then following day found out that the shed is ready to go up...the holdup is waiting for the Shire permit to come through. OMG!!! Two posts in one day, nearly caught ya Mum!! SeeYa Pauly xx


  1. Hey Pauly
    Please go back and leave a post on the 20500 Post....the last person to leave a comment before 12 midnight tonight will get a prize!! so quick girl it could be you!!!

  2. Nice sunsets, see all you need to do is look, they are there.
    Like the one with the flash too.

  3. Hey Pauly, left something on my blog for you :)
    Shell xx

  4. Beautiful pics pauly,hope all works out with the shed!!