Monday, May 18, 2009

LO's and fairy cards.

RSS May Negative Space Challenge. comment!!

RSS May Ebony/Ivory Challenge. Mmmm like this one!

A Card for Shells Blog Challenge

Card # 5 for May

Card # 6 for May
A couple of LO's I got done on the weekend for Ready Set Scrap. I got some gorgeous fairy stamps made by Inkadinkadoo, just had to have a play with them, they are sooo cute! The one for Shells I did for a card sketch challenge on her blog, there is some gorgeous ones over there, go check them out at Ooh ooh, I just posted my first link!! Gettin real clever now!! I had great intentions of getting some challenges done for the CC at RSS, but um...haven't done any! I would just love more hours in the day as I'm sure we all would. Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx


  1. Those fairy stamps look pretty good.
    Is that the pic of you girls that Vicky cut herself out of. This aversion to having self in photos must be family thing.
    Is the happy birthday on the last card a stamp too, I like it.

  2. Yep, shes a ratbag, probably planned to stand on the end when we were having photo taken just so she could chop herself off! Yep its a stamp from Stampit.

  3. love the fairy cards.... are they stamps think I seen them. I was going to say why didn't you cut me off the end... No I might not come to Albury now as frank was talking about going bush or something.... Yeh you got the embellies quick, posted thurs or fri.. I kept your butterflies and send you extra mag stamps I think if I didn't I meant to...