Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ha Ha Who had fun today??

Been busy this weekend!! Knocked off work at two on Thursday, straight in the car and drove to Melbourne to see Billy Elliot. Our first ever live Theatre production, it was AWESOME!! We started with drinks and nibblies in the Dame Edna Room at Her Royal Majestys Theatre (oh that sounds so flash!) and the show went for three hours. We stayed at the Ibis Motel. Friday we went to the Vic markets (huge!!). After about three or four aisles it all started to look the same and I was getting claustrophobic!! (country girl is me...) we then went out to Westfield shopping centre and found a scrap store somewhere else. We were glad to get home, completely exhausted from all the walking!! Then Saturday I lashed out and brought a new office desk, so spent most the day rearranging my office. Managed to squeeze in one LO Sat. night. Today we drove to Albury to meet up with family, went for lunch and shopped some more. Naughty me wanted photos of Mum with her girls and didn't get any!!! While we were shopping in Spotlight, the girls were down the party aisle with my camera.......Dags!!

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  1. Love the girls being dags. I would not be game to get the camera out in a shop, people already think I am weird. You know I would not have known Bec at all, I will have to show my girls your pics, they will say 'and how is she related and who does she belong to, and who the .... is that'. Poor sheltered children dont know anyone.