Tuesday, May 26, 2009


YAY!!, They finally started putting our shed up today!! Woohoo!! Shouldn't be too long now and home will be home again and the Harleys can have their shed back!! Rob ordered his truck tyre changer today and I,m about to order the tyre racks. Ball is rolling.... On the scrapping side of things, I got a LO done last night, shock, horror! Very rarely get any done on a weeknight. This one was for Shells Blog Sketch Challenge. Sorry bout the flash on Krystals face, its so overcast and drab here, the photo without the flash was cacky! Best be off to cook tea. Bye For Now Pauly xx


  1. Love the LO and congrats on the shed!!! I would love to have you here for scrapping, numbers are well down lately!!! Must be the way I smell!!! really I think that its a sign of the times, probably with worse to come too!! Thank God that its not counted as my income source!!! Send me an email and I will send my phone. See you soon.
    We have ladies that travel from Gooram (15mins other side of Euroa!!) about 40 mins away from here. We are a friendly bunch!!

  2. Awesome take on the blog sketch challenge Pauly. Awesome pic too!......xxx

  3. Oh I recognise that flower stamp..looks beautiful!!gorgeous layout and beautiful photo of Krystal,great big hellos and hugs!!so are you coming to the retreat honey!!i so hope so,we didn't have long enough last time!!or you could alweays come to perth again hehe

  4. Oh so good guys that this shed is coming together,belt that right up the neighbours hey.So glad my harley will have a shed to go into pml..gorgeous pic of kyrstal,she musta got her looks of her aunt cass roflmao..the LO is so good but you have such great talent too Pauly