Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uproar Cybercrop

Wow, what a productive weekend!! Have suprised myself! Have scrapped almost every challenge at Uproars May Cybercrop (Have just got one ATC to do....) Got ALL my end of month bookwork done (after our best ever month since we started our business!! YAY ) Went to a 21st for a little while on Saturday night. Went for a ride on my Harley today to Marysville and it was just perfect for riding. Bit gut-wrenching seeing all the damage in Marysville and surrounds as it was my first visit back there since the fires. Shall post some photos tomorrow night. AND..... I come home to find out that I had won Wipeout at Uproar...OMG I was blown away!! Went prancing and dancing out to the loungeroom to Rob and Krystal "OMG, OMG, I won Wipeout and I don't know what to say!!!!" LOL, I was just a tad excited!! Anyway it just feels great to get so much done in one weekend...wish they were all that productive!! Thanks for stopping by...Paulyxxx

Lisas Challenge - paper pleating, lace and something metal.

Kylies recipe challenge.

ChrisW OTP flower challenge. Pot or basket of handmade flowers.

A close up of one of the flowers.

Sarahs Challenge - a card from a sketch (with texture)
Thanx Tiger Team, had fun with all these. Just gotta go do my ATC. Night all xxx


  1. Well done on getting them all finished I still have Lisa's and atc to do and chris's to finish but mine aren't as fancy as yours.. or as big.. love your flowers

  2. Wow, you really were on a roll, are you sure you have the same amount of hours in your day as the rest of us. I got nothing done compared to you. Love the top Lo, what is the pp you have used? and like Vicky said love your flowers. Do you sub anything to any of the publications? I actually got 3 acceptances on Friday, totally stunned. Usually just get the 'your a reject' email. Well done on the wipeout win too, have you loaded all the Lo's for that?

  3. Thanx Sue, the pp is in Basic Greys Europhia Range (I'm pretty sure) No, I have never subbed, too chicken. I think most my Wipeout LO's are on here? No, maybe not, as Wipeout started back in November last year, I started my blog in Feb. I get so excited when I see LO's of people I know in the mags!!