Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retreat Layouts

Traceys (from My2Angels) Kit. Just gotta find a photo to suit and add title/journalling.

Lexies Kit

Leftovers from Kaths kit (just needs journalling)

2nd layout from Hayleys Kit

1st layout from Hayleys kit

Canvas from Kathies kit. (with only some of the ladies from retreat)

A catch up from an old kit from Scraphappys. (still need subtitle/journalling)

Done all these on the weekend at Scraphappys !st Retreat. Had a ball!! Takes my 2010 Layout tally to 96!!


  1. I had a blast as well...your LO's are looking fabulous...oxo

  2. Great job Pauly!! Loved the classes and love how you have done the LO's!! What a blast....next yeear seems so far away!! Guess it will sneak up on us again pretty fast.
    Love Kathie

  3. Love your LOs Pauly. It was lovely to meet you and I do hope that we do it again soon.

  4. :( - the follow button isn't working. Will have to try another time.

  5. LOVE meeting you and chatting on the outside steps ;) Wish I could have stayed longer and joined in with the classes(: The layouts look amazing!