Sunday, September 5, 2010

BABY NEWS..........

.......Not yet!!! They were inducing Shaz at 8PM tonight.....but the hospital rang before and due to the floods, they are very short staffed, so they are now going to induce her at 8am tomorrow morning. So should be baby news tomorrow!!! Hows that rain...OMG!!!! Heres a few shots from around here.....

Taken from the end of our main street towards Botanical Park

Almost on the road at the bottom of our hill across from Botanical Park

Botanical Park which has barely had a trickle for a very long time

Below..The water flowing from the showgrounds into our yard...

Taken from the road on the midland highway between Bonnie Doon and Barjarg. Have never seen water was lapping at peoples back doors

YAY...Water under Bonnie Doons Bridge!!!! Havent seen that for a lot of years!!!

Took this photo Tuesday of Mt Buller...can't see it most days due to fog or clouds but when the sun shines it looks magic!!! This is the view we get from out the front of home, pretty awesome hey!! Its as close as I care to be too!!!


  1. thanks for sharing girlfriend!! Love them pics....flying on Tuesday night back the following Wednesday....hanging out to hear baby news...have a great week
    Love Kathie

  2. Oh hope you guys are ok heard about the floods and was wondering who was close.Is that due to rain or that locely snow on the mountain melting or a bit of both??great pics