Monday, July 5, 2010

Embellish It - Week 4 (Vintage It)

Cody with his Mums beanie cute!

Little bit of sauce on Cody......

BIG bit of sauce on Loohoo!!!! LOL

YAY, YAY, YAY!!! All my tax stuff is done, sitting here on the table ready to drop off to the accountant in the morning!!! Will be so glad to see the back of it tomorrow!!! Only took me all of last week (not weekend) and all today apart from two hours!!
The only time I got anywhere near my scrap table since last weekend was Saturday night to do the week 4 challenge for Tans 'Embellish It' competition. This week was Vintage week and the criteria set by Lisa Ikumphuis (the vintage queen we call her). I freaked when I seen the criteria at first, but thats why I love challenges, cos they push you out of your comfort zone! Criteria was - vintage style using lace and ribbon - creative use of rubons and paint - something for practical use - include a distressing technique. So I made a little treasure/memory box for my first little grandaughter thats on the way (due September) Quite chuffed with how it turned out and now I have a special little something for her to keep her special little somethings in (hopefully).
I took an hour out today at lunchtime and met Shaz, Krystal and the grandsons at the park. It was freezing cold but they had a ball and so did I, took ninety photos!! The other hour off, Rob and I met up with Dot and Alan for coffee and chinwag. Then came home and cooked roast pork for tea, then went for a walk (which we are going to do every night from now on) lol, thats the plan anyway!! Tonight we just walked off the crackle!!
Anyway enough rambling from, feel so relieved all that end of year crap is done!! Outa here to print some photos...
Cheers Pauly xx


  1. I love saucey kid pics. Im always amazed at just how many places they can get it.

    I think you have kicked butt with this challenge. Oh my, its to die for!!

  2. Those photos are great Pauly....and I love your little special granddaughter box..very very sweet....looking forward to chatting soon...

  3. Now u got your tax stuff done you can come up & do mine for me. I am still battling with it. Love the box. Give those georgeous boys a hug for me
    Luv Mum XXX

  4. gorgeous pics!goodluck with embellish it comp