Monday, June 28, 2010

Embellish It - Week 3 (Layout 75)

For Tans Embellishment comp. this week, the criteria was.......
This week's challenge is for you to also create something ( a layout or an OTP) using the following five points:
1. hand stitching
2. felt
3. beads
4. bling / rhinestones
5. doodling
Let me clarify the criteria; those five 'things' mentioned above (hand stitching, felt, beads, bling / rhinestones and doodling) have to appear on the layout/ project somewhere, BUT you have to create a handmade embellishment too (using one or more of those five points as mentioned above).
So I got that one done, (Aunty Jenny....I finally used my beaded butterfly on the bottom RH corner you taught me to make a few years ago!! Lol, knew I would one day)
Also a card for my nephew Dillon (Still blown away that he turned 18 yesterday!!)which is also done for June challenge # 4 for MAD. Had to use lots of ink, so I inked ther background, stamped Happy Birthday all over it, stamped a border with ink splats and went over the lot with champagne ink to give it a shimmer, then stuck on the 18 with foam numbers. That was my big efforts for the weekend!! Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx
PS. I love getting comments but if you can't write in English, don't waste your valuable time leaving me comments cos I can only read English! Thanks anyway :)


  1. hey your layout for embellish it, awesome work of the criteria... lovin that card too
    ps....i need to leave that comment about only leaving english comments on my blog too lol. cos its the only language i know
    no chance you gettin a comment from me in any other language

  2. Ummmmmm Pauly just delete them sweetie(its called spam)....I really love that LO...very pretty and sparklie too!!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon....Have a great week sweetie
    Love Kathie