Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Embellish It - Week 5 (Roll It)

'Spotty/Dotty' ATC for Scraphappy Swap

'Grunge' ATC for Family & Friends swap

This week's challenge is set by Melinda Spinks (winner of the 'Embellish It' competition in 2009)Melinda's challenge is to create a layout using the following criteria:
Layout to be any shape but square!
Monochromatic Colour Scheme (With a hint of one other colour only!)
Paper Rolling or Quilling must be used on your layout!
Stamping to be used on your layout and be a prominant feature (not just a little stamp in the corner).
An embellishment to be made using acetate/transparency (you can also include any of the above criteria on your embellishment).

Made it through another week of Embellish It...struggled with this weeks entry as I felt pretty ordinary over the weekend, so this was all I could come up with. Will find out Friday if I get through another week. If I don't, I'll do the challenges anyway. I love the push it gives me to do stuff I wouldn't normally (PS....paper rolling is not on my list of favourite techniques!!!) Had another photoshoot today. Cass and I took the boys over to the wetlands for a walk. Cass took 150 photos and I took 129, havent seen Cassies yet, but just put a 'few' of my faves up. LOL.
Plenty there for you to pinch Mum, if the quality no good just give me a hoy and I'll email them through to you. Wish I could find my mojo......dunno where its gone??? Applied for another job today (in the kitchen at the hospital), but don't know if the hours will suit as I don't want to give my post office job up. See how I go......
Cheerio for now.....slack blogger....Pauly xxx


  1. Those photos are divine Pauly.....Hey I can't read the post above mine????????? You really need to scrap them love!!
    Missing you over here too....xoxo