Monday, December 7, 2009

A few to share.....

A card challenge at SCC. From a sketch and shiny and sparkly!~

My number challenge I set at SCC. 1 x chipbboard, 2 x Photos, 3 x Stamps, 4 x Circles and 5 x Stars. My little grandson Lucas.

Colour challenge at SCC. A Xmas LO in all shades of pink...I even printed the photo on pink cardstock (looks pinker IRL)

Mmmm just a quick update......only 3 things to show for 'show and tell'. Umm, not too sure where time has gone apart from the normal hectic end of month fun!! Went away for the weekend and tried to get all my chrissy shopping done....came pretty close. Filled the car, but still got a few prezzies to go....met Mum, Karen and family Sunday....thats always nice to catch up. We shopped and went out for lunch. Totally exhausted by the time we got home. Couldn't have eaten or brought one more thing!!! Best be off to cook tea...Thanks for stopping by Pauly xx

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  1. they are all gorgeous...such a pretty pink