Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ATC and Rewind LO and my baby girl!!

This is the second layout I got from the leftovers of Debs Rewind kit. There is still leftovers I could get more from!!

Xmas ATC for a swap at the Challenge Chics.

4th December, very dark hair.......

8th December....Half way to blonde ......

Came home from work yesterday and Krystal left me a note....At hairdressers. She decided she is going they lightened her hair and she has to go back on the 23rd to get it blonde. Mmmm, been putting her off for years cos I reckon bleach wrecks ya hair. But little miss is growing up and making her own decisions...I really quite like it and Krystal....well, she LOVES it!! Still, she can't convince me to allow the facial piercings, keep telling her when she is 18, then it will be her choice!! Anyways, Pop Art ATC is calling me...OMG, I found the most awesome site last night for photo editing (LOL, yes, I am probably way behind the times!!) If you haven't checked out 'Picnik' it now!!! I can't believe how easy it is to use!! PS. I look pretty trippy in Pop Art style!!! LOL, show you all soon!! Chow for Now Pauly xxx


  1. Oh crystal,i love how it is now it's beautiful!!!so much nicer than the really dark she had when you came over..She is growing up so that layuout and atc too pauly..luvnhugs chrisxxx

  2. WOW Pauly your LO's are awesome!!! And our baby girls want to grow up way too quickly for my liking!!! She is so gorgeous!!!
    Love your pink LO...still getting around to this one. Thanks for your praise of my photography skills....Going to add some others I have taken recently tonight.Luv Shaz xoxo

    PS...I can't take credit for the shoes, hat and sunnies, Kylie Law took that photo with my camera

  3. Love the layout and the ATC Pauly. Krystal's hair looks gorgeous. Really suits her :)