Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm back!!

Traceys class from retreat

Traceys other class from the retreat - need to find the right photo for this one yet...

Trudis class from the retreat

Page 2 from Kathies class at retreat

Page 1 from Kathies class at the retreat...

Family & Friends Ásian 'ATC

'Family & Friends elephant ATC

Born to create Fairy dust ATC

Scraphappys "Black & Pink"ATC

Scraphappys "Shoes"ATC
 Hi there everyone, I didn't realise it has been this long between posts! Stacks has been happening....son and girlfriend split after 3.5 years, got a new office at the workshop (home is now HOME!! and lovin it) 16 yo daughter moved out, I finished one job and started another, been to the retreat (had a ball, met some more lovely peoples and caught up with some others I have met before). Rearranged our home as we all of a sudden have all this room we never had before and I now have a scrappin room!! I havent had time to actually scrap in it, but hopefully soon as its almost set up, just gotta go find Mr Mojo!! Got five pages done at the retreat, pretty amazing for me lately!! Still have kept up with my ATC's tho, they seem so much easier than tryin to do a page.... Lovin my new job at the Post was complete" brain strain" to start with but its slowly getting easier..... . Quick update to let you know I'm still kickin, as its way past my bedtime! Thanks for popping in...catch ya soonish (I hope) Pauly xxx

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  1. Hello gorgeous!!! Great to see you back with us!! Sooooooooooooo glad....have missed ya heaps babe!!
    Well better get off here and do some work!!
    Love those LO's and the ATC's good job on them all!!
    Love Kathie