Friday, June 18, 2010

Layout 69 - Lisa K's kit

This layout I done for MAD challenge 1 of 4 for June. Criteria was to use the quote given and minimum of two circles. I used one of Lisa K's kits, they are fantastic kits, value for money!!All I have added to this one is the two butterflies and the date journal block. If you haven't done so before, do yourself a favour and go here to check her blog, she puts new kits up at the start of every month and they are only $10 each . Some of the packs I will get 4-5 layouts from. VALUE!! Well thats all I have done this week, hopefully will produce some goodness over the weekend!! Cya Pauly xx


  1. Luv that LO, don't know what happened to my comment I left you on tues, out there in cyberspace somewhere I guess. That's the reason we drive an 18 year old landcruiser, don't live in a big flash house & haven't had a holiday in over 20 yrs, cos Muggins doesn't know how to CHARGE, sounds a lot to me too, seeing as you already have a solid base,it would have only needed brushing up & top dressing I think, it would depend on the type of gravel & how far he had to bring it. It's a shame you live so far away. Ask Karen how hard it is to get an earthmover to do a small job LOL, they are as hard to get as a plumber or electrician or any tradesman.

  2. OH your layout is just beautiful Pauly

  3. Thanks Pauly and I LOVE what you have done!!!!